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Madonna touches down in Malawi

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The March 2013 issue of UK music magazine 'Q' took a look at the 'The Ten Greatest Gigs of All Time' - Madonna's Blond Ambition concert at Wembley Stadium (20 July 1990) is included in the list as 'The Globe-Straddling Outrage'.

Madonna is the only female and solo artist featured, others in the top ten are Oasis (24 March 1994), Nirvana (03 December 1989), The White Stripes (6 August 2001), Radiohead (22 May 1997), Orbital (25 June 1994), The Smiths (20 July 1986), Public Enemy (01 November 1987), The Who (14 February 1970) and U2 (11 August 1993).


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I was there at Wembley Stadium and went with my then boyfriend (still best friend) who was most def not a Madonna fan, and at the end of it he was like "holy hell she was incredible" I have to say for me, I saw WTG and BA but not any others, not that they weren't good but this was when she was at her most captivating & show wise it was like nothing I had seen before or since, just magical :)


@T-I'm a Sinner & I like it that way!:)


The Confessions Tour is overall her best tour as far as consistency goes. BA is up there but does feature some flat performances.

To include the Vegas monstrosity that is, The Girlie Show, is downright sinful.


I agree, this 1990 Madonna Tour was Wonderful... however Madonna has done a number of OTHER Terrific Tours since this time (eg 'The Girlie Show' & 'The Confessions Tour'), yet the mainstream press always overlook this!


Madonna the legend! Amen!


Lots of iconic performances on that show. No wonder the mainstream opinion has this as her best tour.

And it is! But I personally love the Girlie Show more, from that Madonna-era. It was so "raw" in a sense.


Not her best tour - people just remember 1990 as her pinnacle. Great to see her in the top 10 regardless.




why is this tour not available on dvd or bluray? I would have loved to have been there but allas was too young at the time. Amazing show from the bootleg copies i've seen - truely at her peak!


& so it should be!!! what memories-i was about 5 rows from the front-& sat on a strangers shoulders all night!!!(im 4 foot 10-he felt very sorry for me!!)i saw her jogging in hyde park too earlier in the was my first time(not school supervised) in amazing crazy day-i will never forget

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