Madonna in Malawi to inspect schools project
Malawians hail Madonna project


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Gary R.

Beautiful picture Madonna. Have you ever thought of mentoring young musical talents who are in need of some guidance, or helping to establish a place for them to go where the press wouldn't be all over it. If you think about how much help those talents could be to the world it does not seem altogether that egotistic of a project. I am being 100% sincere here. Think of the young talent out there that waste vast amounts of money on egotistical or materialistic things, or plain partying when one night out partying could pay for help for many people. Anybody with me on this??? Please reply and maybe WE can start a movement to help young talent help others. Or maybe we can start a blog that someone will notice and run with the idea. Please respond if you agree...we all know who we r talking about, generally speaking. No names please of the talents that need help, that would only be negative to what could out to be a good thing.

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