Fan Pictures from the Material Girl Pop-Up Exhibition
Elton John: 'Madonna feud is over and done with'


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The interviewer couldn't be more boring if he tried *yawn*

Transatlantic Twang

@T: but the whole point is that it is NOT a British accent! As bristar rightly said, it is just a LESS STRONG American accent. If you put M in a darkened room of Britsh/English people speaking with British/English accents, M would stand out as the American she is!


I think some of the questions turn boring, what books would you recomend parents to read for her children?, i think it´s out of the context and other questions i didn´t understand the reason. Confessions is her last great album but their lyrics are not it´s major atraction but the music itself, that´s why maybe people and interviewers don´t find the acurate questions and try to relate it to her private life, sorry, "sorry" is not inspired on Guy Ritchie.
But it also seems that her relationship with him lose relevance on her artistic inspiration until it turns into divorce, i think.


I love that some people still think madonna TRIES to have a British accent.

It's not like she lived in Britain for over 10 years or married a Brit.



Love the interview! M looks stunning as usual but so love the Confessions era!! It was an unique time in M's life and also in my own life!


Thank you Anna-Clare for finding this. Priceless to me:)


I really love the british accent even when Madonna trays. It´s great! I prefer traying to speak great instead of talking and nobodyy unsderstand. For all people aou of USA the best English is from Britain not form USA, that´s ridiculous. For example I really hate when united states people say oh my GOSH... STOPPPPPPPPPPPP IT!!! I love hearing Madonna a similar British accent, instead of saying something like that! Great for her!


Thanks for sharing, Clare! I just love the whole Confessions era - it was an amazing time of my life, too, hence my Confessions tattoo!

I wonder if this was filmed in M's house in London? She has great taste in chairs... I have the same ones (Philipe Starck)!

What was very unusual with this interview was that M seemed unusually unprepared for it (in a good way).

And I really don't buy that M has a British/English accent! It is certainly a less strong American accent than she used to have, but definitely not British/English to my ears as a born and bred Englishman and Londoner!


Fun interview. Thanks for sharing! Hi, Kuwait!! Greetings from California!! :-)

mark ryan

She's so cute

george treester

Drop the ridiculous attempt at trying a british accent... I wish she would just be herself!

waleed alawadhi

Wow , 8 years ago , see how time goes by so fast , thank you for this amazing interview . Greetings from kuwait .

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