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Elton John: 'Madonna feud is over and done with'

Elton John has revealed that his feud with Madonna is over.
Last August, John described the 'Girl Gone Wild' star's 'MDNA Tour' as a 'disaster' and said her career was 'over', adding that it couldn't have happened to 'a bigger c**t'.
He has now told Extra that he subsequently apologised for his words, explaining: 'We were in a restaurant in France in the summertime. She came in, and I sent over a note. She was very gracious.'
'I apologised profusely because what I said should never have appeared in public. She accepted our apology, and then we bought her dinner. That's over and done with.'
John added that Madonna was glad to move on, saying: 'She was fantastic. She was just like, 'Okay, let's get a move on'.'
The 'Rocket Man' singer's civil partner David Furnish added: 'We don't believe in putting negativity out in the world, both of us were embarrassed when all that stuff came out.'

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Just wait, Elton can't help himself when it comes to saying unkind things about Madonna.
During an Oz interview in 98 he criticized Madonna's innocent 'Drowned World' music video!


what a liar


Well Elton John the sad, old, frustrated bitch is obviously too embarrassed after all these Madonna successes of 2012, so he has no choice left but to apologise.

And the one about "should have never appeared in public", well we particularly love that one, ey?!


totally agree-he hadnt the nerve to approach her himself!!!! he shouldnt have bothered at all-he sent a note????!!!! he is one nasty bitter old arse!!!-& his husband.& yes-it never was afued-it was just elton & david being a pair of bitches!!!like bullies in the playground.madonna has actually been very dignified about it all.xx


there was never any 'feud', like the media wants to portray, it was all totally one-sided on his part, Madonna handled his bitchiness with total class, making him look like the bitter queen he is. and his 'husband'

they'll both start up again sooner or later though, they've got nothing else to get them attention

Gilbert U.

"I sent over a note" - Did not even have the balls to approach her himself to offer a formal apology.

"I apologised profusely because what I said should never have appeared in public." - So he's okay with what he said, but embarrassed that it was made public. Making him look like the fat a** that he is.

"We don't believe in putting negativity out in the world, both of us were embarrassed when all that stuff came out." - That's a whole bunch of crap. At the start of the Golden Globe Awards they asked him about Madonna's chances of winning for Best Original Song and he said, "She doesn't stand a f****ing chance!" Ok so maybe I paraphrased there a bit, but he sure did put negativity out there in the world while being interviewed.

Madonna once again shines as the bigger person in all of this, but I wouldn't trust John and David as far as my fart smell travels.


Whew, glad that's over with. Geeze.....please.

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