Video: MDNA Córdoba - The Day The Music Died
Madonna to present GLAAD award to Anderson Cooper


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Confessions was probably the best all rounder however the Reinvention had the best setlist


Hi, ngl!

Can you please let me know the source of your comment about the spelling of 'blond' being deliberate? I don't think I have heard that before! I know the tour was originally going to be called the 'Like a Prayer World Tour', but had never before heard of this deliberate choice of 'blond' over 'blonde'.



Madonna's 'Blond Ambition Tour 1990' was a terrific concert- Madonna aimed to both entertain & make artistic statements especially of the feminist nature, hence her deliberate choice to spell the title word 'Blond' without the 'e'.

William fong

Blonde ambition was her best I also enjoyed her latest MDNA tour

The Lion

The only thing missing from Blonde Ambition is La Isla Bontia. It puzzles me why one of her greatest songs up to that point was not included. Other than that, everything is perfect. A historical moment for the music, culture and art.


I'm sorry but the dick Tracy section along with cherish, into the groove and material girl just drag BA way down. The Virgin Tour is better then BA.

I do find it hilarious that such an awful tour as Lady Gaga's being voted so high along with MJ's bore of a lipsynched show is rather hilarious.


i agree john-no one had seen anything like the blond ambition tour 23 years ago!!!it was groundbreaking really.i was 18 & completely blown away!! yes-some sections were a bit ropey-but the opening & first section were truly amazing-& lets not forget(as if we could)-like a virgin!!! no one could have re-invented that song the way she did then.confessions tour was fantastic also-agree with bristar-she really seemed to enjoy that tour ;) xxx


Equal First for Madonna's best tours: "The Blond Ambition Tour 1990" & "The Confessions Tour 2006".


While Confessions is a technologically superior show to others, I'd give the nod to Blonde Ambition. You have to view that tour with the eyes of 1990... long before even an iota of the technology used today existed. Blonde Ambition set the standard by which all tours have followed. It was a marvel of it's time.... genious in that it actually told a story, and combined theatricality with a concert. Heck, it was the first concert that I know of that used sets and hydraulic lifts. Blonde Ambition really was her apex IMO.


MAKE SURE YOU VOTE FOR MADONNA!! Madonna is in 4th place right now. We MUST make her #1!! Blonde Ambition was her BEST most theatrical tour EVER!!


For me, it would have to be The Confessions Tour. I rate this as a near-perfect concert. I also think it is the only tour when M really seemed to be enjoying herself and truly engaging with the audience (especially during the London shows).


Blonde Ambition? No way and Deowned World Tour?? That snooze feat? I vote for Confessions. Brilliant show through and through.


My favorite is the Drowned World Tour...
I loved the harder rock n roll vibe of the first section of the show....

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