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Fellow fansite www.madonna-tv.com have been working away putting together the video footage they shot in Cordoba to tell the story of the final MDNA show:

The final night of a tour can often be something quite special. It's traditional for jokes to get played by crew members and tearful thank-you speeches to be made. When the show is definitely not being broadcast anywhere or filmed for future release then there's even more potential for some unusual things to happen on the night.


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I was there that night. It was like if the world has ended. All dark. But there was so much love in the air, I guess we were all so happy to be there at that exact moment. It was a very powerful moment and you could feel time has stopped. The power went off, and people started to sing "we love you we support you" and it was so special, I guess it was the most special show for her too. She fell in love with Cordoba and it's people.

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