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Art Arturo shares with madonnalicious his latest Madonna homage from his kindergarten class.

The kindergarten teacher who directed his students in spirited performances of Madonna's "Vogue" and "Material Girl" is now having his class offer an homage to the Queen of Pop with another of her smash hits.
This time, Arturo Avina's class perform "This Used To Be My Playground," the 1992 song used in the movie "A League of Their Own," in which Madonna starred alongside Tom Hanks and Geena Davis.
Avina, who teaches a general ed curriculum at the Olympic Primary Center in Los Angeles, opted to dispense with the baseball theme. Instead, he based his class's clip on the popular children's book "Miss Nelson Is Missing" with several nods to Madonna's original music video, which also featured a scrapbook feel.
"Sometimes a good pop song is better at telling a story than a typical nursery rhyme," Avina told HuffPost Gay Voices in an email last year. "And it's a lot more fun to teach when you teach what you love."



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@F3R and Gilbert U: 'blind' Stans are the worst kind. I imagine you'd buy anything that had M's name on it. Why not simply hand your paycheck over to her directly? Not that she'd thank you in any way for it!

Gilbert U.

Senor Art Arturo, it saddens me that I did not have a teacher like you when I was growing up. All of your postings are very creative, themed and have a nice message. I see a legion of Madonna fans coming from your classrooms.

@ F3R: "I really miss those great fans who really support the queen all the time, fans like us there aren´t anymore!" Correction! We're still here and can be found doing the following: buying M's newly released cd's, purchasing concert tickets(ensuring a sell out), buying her children's books and etc..... All of this hard fan work cemented her at the top of 2012's tour chart and highest grossing female artist.

While many on here would like for Madonna to "go away" and take cheap shots at her we're still supporting and helping her grow. Long live the Queen of Pop.


I wonder which M song they will be taught next- 'Gang Bang' would go down a treat on Parent's Night!!


I love this kind of fans, who still love Madonna and make wonderful things like this! Congratulations! Sadly, there are some fans in this site who only criticise Madonna and say she´s boring and so on. I really miss those great fans who really support the queen all the time, fans like us there aren´t anymore!


these kids are just precious


You have to go watch the whole film on their page. It's so funny.

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