Liz Smith: Madonna Is GLAAD for Anderson Cooper
'This Used To Be My Playground' By Kindergarten Class


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@J, Jones Psy.D. : just what freakin' medication are you on? Or not, as the case may be? Nurse! Nurse! They're out on the loose again.


So many hatred about something that's not been out yet... I am intrigue and interested to see what comes out of it... It's not all about Madonna, there are other artists too and I wouldn't be surprise if it's about Internet bullying as well homophobia and facist countries... Wasn't this the topic has been exploring throughout her whole tour? And to have Gaga involved as well might keen that is about gay rights and bullying. It will be interesting to see how those two will connect in the project after all that feud from the past. I hope it will be great.


No one is more brainwashed than those who claim to see the illuminati at work in pop music. If *they* have chosen Madonna to lead OR recruit for a new world order, do you not think they might have chosen someone a *touch* more likeable? You know...someone who actually isn't hated by the majority of the world?
Stop believing you are opening your mind, when all you are doing is being drawn into a load of bullshit.


It looks like a cheap advert for the next season of Big Brother!
@Troy- Well said & I totally agree. :)


@ M Fan:"Madonna copying Gaga"?I suggest you check out X-STaTIC PRo=CeSS made in 2003 by madonna and steve klein.she's done this stuff waaaaaay before.please.

J, Jones Psy.D.

Google Illuminati Madonna. If your a real fan and you have knowledge of Masonic Symbols, Then you would already know Madonna is the Suspected High Priestess of the Illuminati, that's why she is often referred to as the Queen. I warn you though once you start reading about it it's hard to ignore. Suffice to say Madonna will be Our Queen for many years to come.
It's 1 Eyed Symbolism, like the dollar bill. She is putting it right in your faces and you can't even see it. When will Gaga fans learn that Gaga was created to make Madonna even more Regal. MDNA 10th top grossing tour in History Vs. Born This Way Ball, she wound up having to have hip surgery and is in a wheelchair! Funny how the monsters where saying Madonna is so old she's gonna break a hip and have to cancel her tour, Gradonna! Grandma Madonna! Your being manipulated way more than you know, nothing is greater than controlling those who are clueless to it going on! But what do I know? Only what I've learned.
Kabbala is a Pegan Ritualistic Sect of Judiasim which is connected to the Suspected Illuminati as well, makes sense.

Whatever you think, think the opposite


Just release all the concerts on Blu Ray, and MDNA in 3D, please. Wasting time on this secret project crap is just annoying.


Just when you thought she couldn't get darker... This looks scary and interesting, can't wait for this secret project to come out (from under the bed and scare the shit out of us). I love it when she explores the darkness. I thought the Gang Bang performance was her best performance ever ever.


It looks like an horror movie.

Eli Lee

steven klein and blackface.. we've seen this before, sadly.


Errr that eye stuff is really disturbing.




Pretentious. A fast moving eye in black face with a red slow motion swirl of something in the background? Secret project or art school thesis? Either way, there is nothing new, provocative, or even interesting about this "teaser."


Like Madonna's last 2 albums.......yawn.

M Fan

I think (hope) this is a Steven Klein project, and not Madonna, because I, and most other hardcore Madonna fans are pretty much already over it.

Looks too much like what he's already done with GaGa, and for M to copy the wannabe would be a sin.


oh please please please....what does it mean, WHAT DOES IT MEAN???????

Gary Ryckewaert

Hmmmmmm, not alot to go on. Since it is Steven Klein I will have to guess it is fashion oriented? New photo shoot or new clothing line?


I find it looking cool those 2 must be non Madonna fans go on to I live in a wall dot com why not open you'r mind




well that was 58 seconds of my life i'll never get back!!!!!xx




i am officially over the secret project. this is starting to smack of artpop - which seems to have been coming & building for a bit toooo loooooong. #next.

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