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Liz Smith: Madonna Is GLAAD for Anderson Cooper

"HEELS OR the combat boots? I know the heels are sexier and campy, but I feel better in the boots, and they are more Boy Scout-ish. I'm gonna go with the boots. Although I wonder what they are going to think when a Wizard of Oz munchkin comes out onstage?"
That was Madonna last Saturday night, mulling the final touch to her outfit for the GLAAD awards. She was there to present Anderson Cooper with the Vito Russo Award. (I won that about 13 years ago. Bragging!) Madonna was got-up in Boy Scout regalia. Her "munchkin" comment stems from the fact that despite her Amazonian image as an icon and concert performer, she is teeny and far more delicate than one might imagine.
So Madonna chose the boots. Her clothing choice was supposed to be a surprise, not just for the audience at the Marriott Marquis Hotel, but for Anderson himself. However, Cooper, a huge Madonna fan was brought back to see her before she presented his award.
"No, no, no! She shrieked. "This was supposed to be a surprise. The bride can't see the groom before the ceremony!" But it was too late. Madonna and Cooper embraced fondly. Although he is a major fan (he saw the "MDNA" tour three times last year in various cities around the world) and she admires him, and is apparently mesmerized by his super-blue eyes, they are not old friends. But now that he's received an award from M, a pinch on the ass from her, and gave her great big smooch on the lips onstage, they might become closer.
During the backstage chat - they did a joint interview later for various media outlets - Anderson, who is even better looking in person than he is on TV - I know, hard to believe - said to M, "You remember my boyfriend Benjamin Maisani." (Ben is a knockout, they make a stunning couple.) Madonna lowered her voice to its huskiest femme fatale tones, took his hand caressingly and said, "How could I ever forget?" Then she cracked up, laughing.
A few minutes later she was marching through the Marriott kitchen on her way to the stage. I'm sure the staff had been told to make way for Madonna. What they thought when they saw the glamourous goddess - who was in fine, friendly, giggly form - in Boy Scout drag, can only be imagined.

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Well done ;-)


No matter how you puz it Liz, "fine, friendly, giggly form", her clothes were Horrendous!


If she could only SING in that lowered husky voice (ala 80's and 90's) as opposed to her high pitched mickey mouse sound she's been singing in, she would have a hit album AND remind us of what we loved about her in the first place, her voice! Not the strongest but it was cute. Now it just doesnt like her anymore. Tweak the music not your voice bu

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