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This image of Madonna recalls three earlier Madonna eras- 1)kneeling at bars recalls scenes from 'Like A Prayer' video, 2)Black Lace Gloves- Boy Toy M,3)Blonde Wig- From the Sticky & Sweet Tour.


With you all the way. In Madonna we trust.


apparentley everything will be revealed on may 12th!!!just looked at stevens official website-gaga is also involved!!! im not getting too excited by this to be honest-have a feeling im going to be let down-but hay ho-you never know-could be something epic!!!fingers crossed-do agree with T though-its very S&S tour.xx


Mmmmmmm....A brand new On Air On Sale single?...MDNA repackaged?....The MDNA tour out on CD?...Clip from a new video?...A film?


this is a revolution at every and any level. Whatever holds you back, the revoltion is to set you free


Maybe she's starting a Pussy Riot Revolution. Those poor girls are still in jail.


I don't like the wig. Too much like the one she wore during the last section of S&S and the backdrop video for Future Lovers.


I LOVE the pict!!!!!!! Hot, hot!!!


Is she reuniting Prince and the Revolution?


It's Steven Klein's secret project, in which Madonna and many other artists are involved.

Follow Steven on Twitter for more info: @SKstudly

Eli Lee

something tells me she isn't taking on the prison-industrial complex.. :/


The wig looks terrible. It's Sticky & Sweet meets Confessions Tour.

I bet it's for a new exercise DVD or her perfume.


No wonder I love the Woman so much, must be something good because that is how am I felling right now. inside of a cage.


What is the revolution for (or against)?


Hot !


I cant wait to see what this is all about..... she looks GREAT in this pic!


Madonna, before I commit to joining your revolution I need a few more details!
Mysterious Picture though, what does it all mean???

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