Madonna dismisses 'reckless' Africa claims
Andrea Riseborough: Madonna lets her femininity drive her


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Am I the only one thinking that only Madonna can pull off a pink leotard? ;) I've enjoyed other Madonna re-works by Glee but this one is really not good


As a fan of M since the very beginning, 'Hung Up' is my personal favourite M single/track by a very long shot. It is a brilliantly constructed pop song, which samples ABBA to perfection, with that driving bass that takes the song from beginning to end. I also love the fact that the lyrics contain an M self-sample... and from one of my all-time hate Madonna songs!

In fact, 'Hung Up' is one of my Top 5 songs of all time. As such, I was bitterly disappointed that M started 'messing' with it so soon after The Confessions Tour! I also believe that 'Hung Up' was the last song that actually garnered M a new legion of fans (albeit temporarily). I lost track of the number of people who said they really didn't care for Madonna, but absolutely loved 'Hung Up'!

Guillermo Flores

I wish the Glee cover coreography had respected the original. The moves that Madge and crew had in the video were iconic and the ones in Glee have nothing to do with them!


I totally agree with you ngl! The Hung Up version that she performed during the MDNA tour was horrible. The sing and video were iconic! That's classic Madonna. The last 2 albums (MDNA and Hard Candy) were disappointing. She worked with the wrong people.

The Lion

"Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight)" is anything but an obscure song, I think it's one of ABBA's more well-known songs. Still, I agree that they way Madonna incorporated the sample into "Hung Up" is genius. It does remain one of her iconic songs, but I have to say that I really loved the diabolic, sinister version of it on the MDNA. Can't wait to see it on the DVD, I hope we get a release date soon as March is approaching...


'Hung Up' remains one of my favourite Madonna disco songs- her use of an obscure Abba sample in a loop was genius! I just wish Madonna would always perform 'Hung Up' in concert the way it sounded on the record, she did this for her 'Confessions Tour' & it was great! Sadly in later tours Madonna has reinvented the life out of 'Hung Up', it needs the disco beat & Abba sample.

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