Madonna wins court judgment for $40,000
Merchandise: Limited Edition MDNA Watch


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@anthony Madonna is sure proud of you right now! :)


Beyonce was ok. Madonna was better. And yes, Madonna still holds the most watched Half Time show. Ratings already came out.


@igy and @Punch, why are you idiots on this site. This is an appreciation site.


Nothing against Beyonce and I like her but her performance was just "the usual Beyonce" stuff. Madonna's performance was spectacular! Hope to God she was still the most watched entertainer during Super Bowl.

paul harvey

Does Madonna's halftime performance still reigns as the most watched?


@Will : and, of course, M was SO original! "Like A Prayer" with a choir AGAIN! Reductive!


Bruce Springsteen have the best 1/2 show. M and B were great but Bruce is the best.


So you can dance and sing at the same time! you don't have to lip synch like Madonna did unless you have to...


Jose, so I've heard. I didn't watch Beyonce's performance but eventually will. I just saw highlights on the news, but it seems all she did was do her supermodel walk, bounce and whipping her weave back and forth. The usually B stuff but I won't judge it since I didn't see the whole thing.


Still the best Halftime Show ever!!!


Madonna STILL has the best half time show! Beyone was a uneventful.


I believe I watched it last year. You know I could play the game, but sit and watch someone else have the fun.... gots me?

PS: Think about the excitement in Madonna when she was asked to do the half time show... :)

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