Madonna's Instagram: 'What to wear?'
Madonna's Instagram: More Frida


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lol@desperate once again. Nice try at reading me by my Internet posts, but the only but jobs here post as desperate's and just sayin's ;)

Gilbert U.

@anoir: From But don’t expect to see a single photo from inside the star studded soiree — the source says Madonna had a strictly enforced no camera policy to ensure everybody could party in private.

It makes sense that so many A-Listers go to her party because they can be themselves and not have to worry about any embarrassing photos appearing in the press.

As for those that post that Madonna is not respected by the movie industry keep in mind that W.E. picked up two 2012 Golden Globe nominations -- one for original score and one for the song "Masterpiece," which Madonna co-wrote. As we all know "Masterpiece" took home the award in that category.


T. You are hilarious. It's always handy having a fan like you around, just in case normal fans start to like Madonna too much. You are a great reminder of why being a obsessive fan of someone is wrong on every level. Every post you make is either anti-Lady Gaga, or anti-Madonna-fan-who-has-a-different-opinion-to-you. If being a Madonna fan means being associated with nutjobs like you, then I will take the alternative anyday. You're just embarrassing.


Why is it that people who TRY and put people in their place like 'desperate', 'just sayin' never use their names but stupid wannabe put down words?

Odd yet transparent.


@Rachel - errrrr, why the f**k why are you slagging me off? First check the names of the people whose posts you wish to slag off before doing so. Think first, THEN hit the post button.

Laura Johnston Sheridan

Not much of a party if I am not there maybe she will learn one day to invite me.


Maybe Madonna hosts her own Oscar party as a bitchy way to lure guests away from Elton John's annual Oscar party....


You see, the problem is when one is blind-sighted and spends all their time laying into people who appear to be criticising Madonna, is that often they end up missing important information, like in Rachel's case - addressing the reply to the wrong person.


Bristar you should wright a book on how Hollywood perceives Madonna or any other celebrity. Silly rabbit. You don't have an in cling of a clue of how inside Hollywood really works. This IS HAS BEEN AND CONTINUES TO BE THE IT PARTY TO BE AT AFTER THE AWARD CEREMONY. Trust, Queen M is respected and looked up to.


ngl. You aren't the only one who hasn't failed to see the irony in her hosting a party for Hollywood's *finest*. I'm fairly sure all the guests will at one time or another guffaw to themselves about the poor girl who can only be accepted by Hollywood when she buys them. I'm surprised she didn't tell them to piss off years ago.


My invite must have been misplaced AGAIN! I guess we don't talk like we used to. ;)


Ngl please shut up. Bad or good actress she was an actress and has a lot if famous acting friends. Stop posting negative comments on a madonna fan site!!


Maybe M will post some pics on Instagram... ;-)


Why does Madonna bother holding Oscar Parties when Hollywood (& the world) doesn't consider her an actress & offer her any movie roles? Even the 2 films she directed were flops? These Hollywood Stars don't support Madonna, so why does she host parties for people that don't really care about her! Madonna's a singer, not an actress, she should focus her energies at what she is good at & forget accepting the degrading position Hollywood has placed her in.


It's so frustrating, year after year, that I have rarely seen photos or stories from this annual Party of Year....

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