Andrea Riseborough: Madonna is 'wonderful' director
Madonna's Oscar Party Planning


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Thierry, just like most people, I'm sure madonna tired of lady goober pretty quickly lol


Madonna looks younger and younger, and sexier but Madonna will always be beautiful no matter what...


A GAGA shirt ! ;-)


I love these shots and I love that she is on Insta!


At least she is posting age appropriate stuff - 'what to wear', 'bought a new toy', very human, I like that. Why judge? Some 'fans' complained that the pics she posted ain't professional done ones that they felt a 'let down'. Again, that makes M very likeable in my opinion. It will be pretty odd if her first batch of pictures posted are glamour shots from famous photographer.... she just wants to have some fun and stay connected, what's wrong with that?


@get the picture? Nobody, and Madonna to start with, forces you to follow her on Instagram or even pay attention to what she does on there. If I had to let any of her personal choices I disagree with affect my love for her as a fan I would definitely question why I'm a fan in a first place...
@Annika - I was thinking exactly the same. I didn't really like the idea of her being on the social network at the beginning but the fact she's making it her own is pretty cool:-)


I just love the fact that she´s on Instagram and not Twitter. She´s always been the more "visual" kind, hasn´t she? :)

Eric Pagano

Ms Just being M!! leave her alone and stop judging every little thing she does. the woman is a human being just like everyone else, I cant beleive her own fans will put her down for simply having a little fun on instgram ,, sad world we live in, when a 54 year old woman cant just Live and let be I LOVE MY QUEEN!!!


What they'll are you guys talking about?


She has 4 young children and likes being playful. It could be worse, she could be canceling a tour due to VERY LOW ticket sales like some other not so popular lounge singers: Goober, Kylie, etc.

Now if she posted age appropriate stuff like her out and about trying to find a new cane or fashionable Depends, everyone would be saying she's lost it.

The poor Queen of Pop can never win. It keeps her gutsy. Thank god for her awful fans. :)

Just sayin'...


She gives me fever!

get the picture?

if expressing Yourself s come down to this then.. :(

a lil meltdown s good sometimes yet to b frank, M, You've kinda lost some of us with this instash..

here's a longtime fan desperately seeking to sincerely & lovingly insta-shout'QUIT wasting Your time with this nonsense & pull Yourself together, woman!' :D i mean, really.

instead of showing off for showing off's sake why not use Your magnitude to draw attention to the real issues - africa-projects in the works on Your desk, other efforts You've been so keen to defend etc..

You gravitate not levitate fcs.. :)
too early for the latter yet:)

...believe in You...


I rest my case!

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