Instagram Tells Madonna To Stop Breaking The Rules
Madonna's Instagram: 'And the Oscar goes to #ALTUZARRA'


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Bugger off then Dave gorden


Vamp is so cool...Madonna sells it...


I like her better with blond hair. It goes better with her pale complexion. Black hair is so wrong for her. I do not care for the rolls.


So fierce! Love it! I actually prefer her blonde and the way she looks now. Saw her in this video for D&G sunglasses at and the woman looks great for her age!



I like it but i think that the black hair is to hard on her face. I really would like to see her with her original hair color dark brown.


very betty paige!!!-ive been saying for a while now she should change her hair-she seems to have had her current style for ever!!!! i like it-very pin up girl!! love the roll fringe!!xxx


Breathtaking, gorgeous and simply perfect. Changing the game as she always glad to see this!!!


I love you ! But no black so burn that wig, no single ladies ....... Lol


I'm so glad she finally went as her friend, Debi Mazar! She looks fantastic!!


Madonna looks great with dark hair & strong makeup- not sure about the severe fringe. It remind me of one of her 'Bedtime Story' music video looks.
Madonna's new hairstyle is probably a wig, I wish she would change her real hair colour & style.

Dave Gordon

OMG!!! Please tell me she dyed it black!!! I LOVE HER in black hair!!!!

George T

she looks like mommy dearest.
Gosh, I used to love this woman. Now, i'm becoming very disenchanted... Ugh...


I´m so fond of this look! And it´s quite a drastic contrast from the recent years of looks that has been more or less similar. Even though she´s been radiant with the recent years of style this is really refreshing eye candy. Her eyes are as beautiful as always. I think she has the most expressfull and beautiful eyes in the world.


Hot, hot!!


Fantastic look on her! But I always liked her as a brunette.

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