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Madonna working on the MDNA DVD edit


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Samsung makes good TVs, not phones.

Just sayin'...

Just Saying

@T: iPhones are like a throwback to the 1980s housebricks when compared with Galaxy...


Last two? Try everything since ROL except Confessions LOL!

We all want 1984, 1986 and 1989 back. duh! jejejeje

Madge Stan

@T: agree totally! She clearly has too much time on her hands! Maybe M will use these crap photos to purge herself, so that she can again be creative musically, after the last two dirges of albums.

C'mon, M : let's have a kickass album VERY soon!


Jobsy, you must have an iPhone to be able to criticize it the way you are. This iPhone I use is fantastic. Funny how strawberry or those awful razor or galaxy phones always feel the need to bash apple for making such good products. When was the last time your PC got a virus? Or someone's Mac? That's right, macs don't. Hehehe jejeje.


That's a cool one!


OMG Madonna has sooo lost it!!! lolzZz...


iPhone the best? LOL! Another member of the Apple Sheeple race! iBrick, more like!


Note that the pic was taken by an white iphone 5, you can see by the reflection on the glass.....go Madonna. You and iphone both Rock and are the best at what you do. :)

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