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brad pelt

Regardless of what people say.. #1 concert in sales and attendance for 2012. Look it up, and sit and spin!!

Any letter of the alphabet, except T

@T: I notice when replying to Sean you didn't comment about him saying there were loads of empty seats! But, then, from your postings, you are clearly not the sort of person who will let facts get in the way of YOUR argument! LMAO!


Again, no one lied or every artist would sell out. I refuse to try to explain this again. Facts are facts. The dates that sold out, were sold out. If you can't understand what that means then bummer.

@Sean - I completely agree with you. Blonde Mbition Tour. Bored out of mind. That Dick Tracy section? Cherish? Into the Groove?? Dull and uninspired.


@pythagoras-totally agree-hyde park & brimingham were apparentley sold out-but hyde park was half empty-& i was offered seats closer to the stage at birmingham-hours before the gig by ticketmaster-for an extra £100 each!!!!!!i declined their generous offer,lol!!xx


"Apparently people don't know what sold-out means. It does not mean that every seat is sold. It means the amount of seats put in sale were sold. HUGE difference. If the amount if tickets that they put on sale are sold, it is considered sold-out."

EXACTLY, T, and this is where they LIE with statistics! "Sold out" or not, the Millennium Stadium was still half empty! M obviously believed she could sell it out again after CT, otherwise she would have chose another, smaller venue!


Truth be told, i'm not that interested in this DVD. Went to the MDNA show in Dublin and was bored to death -wich is something i never thought i'd say about a Madonna show. Lipsyncing and dull set list completely lacking in any genuine energy. Crowd was bored and despite what die-hard fans might say, and i count myself as a true fan, the buzz on the tube back was dire, with nothing but complaints. There were loads of empty seats and they were giving them away all day in Dublin - FACT! Based on the MDNA touring experience, i won't be in a hurry back to another overhyped and overpriced Madonn tour experience.

Gilbert U.

My goodness gracious! The postings on here are rather interesting. I think it's time for some words from MADONNA:

Why's it so hard to love one another
Why's it so hard to love

What do I have to do to be accepted
What do I have to say
What do I have to do to be respected
How do I have to play
What do I have to look like to feel I'm equal
Where do I have to go
What club do I have to join to prove I'm worthy
Who do I have to know

Love and respect one another people!


Apparently people don't know what sold-out means. It does not mean that every seat is sold. It means the amount of seats put in sale were sold. HUGE difference. If the amount if tickets that they put on sale are sold, it is considered sold-out.

Maybe people need to do a little more researching before commenting.

Just sayin'...


I will respect views when they are honest or sincere and not blatant complaints from the same people over and over and over and over and over and over.

It's sickening coming to madonna fan sites and reading the same complaints every day since 1998. After 15 years you would think one would learn, but they don't.

Blind Madonna fans love everything that she does and doesn't find any faults. I see many and don't like a lot of things she does but do not feel the need to go on fan sites and try and POUND my opinions on others the way most people seem to do here.

I don't give a... How many people walked out of her tour. Who cares??!! She didn't have to cancel a ton of shows the way other presumed more popular artists are doing.

Get the picture? Good, lets dance.

PS - I'm not here to make friends nor change people's opinions. I'm here to point out the constant negativity by her botchy fans. There's a big difference.

Just sayin'...


@ngl: Hi, there! I have been lurking occasionally but not posting a lot, as I have been very busy at work. Nice to know I've been "missed", though! ;-)

I agree re: the unreleased material. I think both M and WB missed a MASSIVE trick by not releasing all this material when M terminated her contract with WB. "The Complete Studio Albums 1983-2008" was an extremely lazy and lacklustre release, with nothing really to make existing long-term fans part with their cash. To have included a CD (or CDs!) of unreleased material would have almost certainly have turned this release into a must-buy and global smash.

On the subject of 'Animal', I was in a club a couple of months back and my jaw almost hit the floor when the DJ played it! Moreover, it filled the dancefloor, even though I imagine not that many people knew what it was! Personally, I think HC is such a mish-mash (and a truly dreadful album imho - I cannot play it all the way through, even now) that 'Animal' may as well have been on the album!

@Huw: I was also at both CT and S&S in Cardiff, so I completely validate everything you have written! My bf and I had General Admission tickets for CT and we were stood literally right at the back of the pitch. We had General Admission tickets also for S&S and ended up sitting, too. The pitch was full less than half way back and we also saw the tarpaulins being placed over entire blocks of seats so that they wouldn't look empty from the stage (or if filmed). One of the nights when we saw CT at Wembley (we went three times!), we were seated right at the catwalk (and this was pre-Golden Circle/Triangle days, so we almost fainted when we got those tickets!) and - wow! - how amazing it was to be a front row bitch, and have M point the microphone towards us during 'Hung Up'! Ah, memories!

My ex-bf went so see S&S '2' at Wembley - he told me there were loads of empty seats there, too, and people were leaving due to sound issues. Where he was sitting, he said he could hear very little of the concert, and also left early!


@T- You're making friends again I see!! Seriously T you need to stop being Very Rude to People here; You need to Respect the Honest Views Expressed by other People here & Stop Being Immediately Spiteful with your remarks to people that you Simply Don't agree with.

@bristar- It's great that you're back here & posting again!
The version I heard of Madonna's song 'Animal' was very sexually explicit, its adult themes were very 'Erotica' & lyrically it was very 9inch nails- I don't think it would have suited the 'Hard Candy' vibe.
I do wish Madonna would one day collect all these wonderful rare & 'unreleased' session songs that didn't make there albums final cut,& release them on an album! Madonna has a number of terrific songs, absolute gems, floating around on the net that really should be officially released.


@T-i never said she was losing fans-but people WERE walking out-as i stated because she started so late-& they had to get home-im not silly & uneducated-& for he record Tracy is actually a unisex name!!!yes-she may break records with ticket sales-just because people have bought a ticket,does not mean they actually get to see the whole show.unfortunately at the S&S tour at wembley,myself & my friend-& again many others had to leave before the end so we didnt miss our coaches & trains home.xx


@T: Have a look at the attendance stats for, say Confessions Tour and Sticky and Sweet Tour in Cardiff. I was at both concerts (both were one gig only each), so I have chosen this example because I saw the SWATHES of empty BLOCKS of seats at S&S, which were being covered with black tarpaulin to make it look as if they were not unoccupied! (We also had GA tickets, and were placed in seats towards the front of the venue at no additional cost!) Both events were at the same venue. The former concert sold 55,795 tickets; the latter, 33,640. Both are billed as sold out! LOL! Someone's telling porkies! Oh, and for the record, The Millennium Stadium took the unprecendented step of sending staff out on the street on the day of S&S to sell tickets! Not hear say - we saw them doing it, and were aghast that M could not sell out a venue.

Statistics - they lie! Fools - they believe them blindly!

Oh, and I am not a female - nor am I purporting to be one! I think your comment is blatantly misogynistic.


A Stan likes everything a person does and think they could do no wrong. Madonna is a human who poops and pees. Hardly perfect. Keep trying, Gaga Stan. Maybe people would be walking out of her tours if she wasn't forced to cancel due to low ticket sales. Oops!

Also, all these supposed females posting here from around the world saying they witnessed people walking out of madonna concerts early and she is "losing more fans" as time goes on yet each tour sets new attendance records. LOL!

Silly uninformed/uneducated "fans".

Just sayin'....


@anoir: 'Animal' is a great song that was from the Hard Candy sessions. I think it is such a shame it never made it onto the HC album as, for me, it is the best track from the whole HC era!

Just Saying

Agree with tracy - I was at both those concerts and people WERE walking out well before the end. It was the same in Dublin, too.

Agree with Maria, too - I saw DWT in London (Earl's Court - horrible venue!) and she was on stage SO punctually, that my sister and me were still making our way to our seats!!

T must have gone to every concert. After all, s/he apparently knows that "nobody walked out"! T's probably a Stan...


I'm a life long fan, but after the frenzied overproduced Sticky & Sweet tour dvd, I will pass on buying the MDNA tour dvd. Anyway all of the tour is on youtube....The MDNA era is the only era of Madonna's that I did buy vinyl, remixes, singles, etc. I was just so irritated with her during this era... I still love her, and have 29 years of Madonna material to keep me happy until the next album in a few years....

.....Oh and by the way I recently discovered some unreleased music by Madonna that was uploaded on youtube under an album called "animal". The songs on this are far better than anything that was on MDNA. I have been listening to that nonstop since I found these gems of music. I recommend everyone to listen to them. You will be blown away with how good they are.


The late start times were due to testing the mechanizes elements in the show, since they had to break down the stage and then set it up again for each city.

Ive seen a few videos where the hydraulic lifts were late or didn't rise, and if that happened at the wrong moment there'd be injuries. She didn't want to step on a platform that wasn't there and kill herself.

That's my hypothesis anyway. But also body rest too that's a good observation as well.


At this rate how some people post silly messages on here, she'll probably lose even more fans as she has already. And for your information (T) - I was in Istanbul and a quarter of the crowd went 30 minutes before the show even finished (how sad) right!

Respect your fans and you might get respect back Madonna. To make people wait almost 3 hours is really pathetic.....


Sorry, I went to two shows in New York during DWT. The ticket said 8:00 p.m. She was out at 8:01. To me it confirmed her preference for punctuality, something she'd been known for for years, as well as respect for her time and that of others.

Sadly, 12 years is a long time ago.


people were walking out half way through the gigs in london & birmingham-i was there & witnessed it-not because they wanted to-because they HAD to-if they didnt they wouldnt get home,due to trains they had to catch etc.she really needs to have more consideration.her tickets cost a fortune-so people cant always afford to stay over in hotels too-as well as pay travel expenses,merchandise,food etc.we dont all earn millions!!xx


lmao. nobody walked out. only dinglebats would walk out. everyone knows madonna never comes on at the time the ticket says. started with the DWT.

love it though if she can still set records with people dumb enough to spend a crapload of $$ and walk out ahaha

go M! :)


Not one of her best tours to date, especially with fans walking out in many venues!!!

So not sure on what to expect with the DVD, won't hold my breath!


I hope that photo is not intended for the DVD cover. Looking forward to the DVD release with baited breath though!

paul harvey

I think it's great she is working on the editing, so she can see how her tardiness impacted the crowds energy.She is going to see people booing before the show and people leaving before and during the show.The situation is this,she is performing
as if she is 25 years old.Her body cannot recover in time for her performances.As a result,she is late for rehersals and subsequently the concerts.She has to find a middle ground where she can give a energetic performance without leaving her totally exhausted for next show.It is only going to get more difficult as the years goes by.

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