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Exactly! I said somewhat enjoyable. I'm assuming English isn't your first language. :)

And when talking about cold, mechanical and stuff albums, I was mainly referring to the horrible iceberg cousins: Music & American Life.


@T- Have a careful read through other peoples posts (your name pops up often & you infuriate many people!)& your own toxic, rude & contradictory posts (eg-you say HC is a 'cold & mechanical' album etc in one post, then in another HC is a 'somewhat enjoyable' album!?)- maybe YOU should consider shutting up!
I will continue to express myself, if you don't like my posts that's fine- ignore them! Simple!:)


Hard Candy was a somewhat enjoyable 80s R&B album. Tons of throwback jams like dance tonight and she's not me.

And NGL - please shut up. You are the one who always praises madonna then adds these weirdly negative jabs after your praises.

First I'm a "Stan" now I'm not a fan.

Oy vey.


Am I the only one that likes (not loves)the 'Hard Candy' album??? Over the past year on this site I have not heard one person say they liked HC, c'mom HC isn't that bad- MDNA is the poorest Madonna album IMPO.
@JustSayin- I haven't heard about Madonna considering COADF2.0; but Madonna did consider releasing a 'Ray Of light: Remix LP' but M said that once she realized the work involved in making a quality remix LP she decided to just make a new album! Hence 'Music'!

Just Saying

"I do hope that with Madonna's next album & tour she doesn't continue following trends & instead does something fresh & trail-blazing." ngl

I wouldn't hold your breath! I often wonder how much truth there is in the rumour that, post-COADF, Madonna wanted to do a kinda follow-on album, but Warner "insisted" on an 'urban' album (which HC was NOT - no, it was a directionless album, albeit with a couple of gems, it must be said). HC is the only album that M has released that annoys and grates on me. I don't particularly like MDNA, but I can at least bear to listen to it!

Juan Pablo

You know what I have to say to all the haters of Madonna being on Instagram?


Another examples of the gender bending image that she is so tuned in to, with the pink and mustache...


Posted by: T |
...I'm sick of the Cold, Mechanical, Emotionless Albums: Ray Of Light, Music..."

There you have it Ladies & Gentlemen, T finally expresses their true feelings about Madonna, & they are hardly the sentiments of a Fan!!

Anyone that states that Madonna has NEVER done anything fresh or trail-blazing in her entire career is clearly not a fan!

I've never heard anyone describe the 'Ray of Light' album as cold, mechanical & emotionless!!

T- Why are you here on a Madonna appreciation site???


God forbid she can have some sense of humor, can she?... Madonna can get very silly, in a cute way, and goofing around. So don't get the b*tchy comments around that picture either!?
I like it! It's good to see her having a laugh while making the use of social media her own...


I love these pictures. NOBODY is losing anything, this is just fooling around, like the rest of us do. :-) Check out the silly hat she is wearing on the mustache picture, it even has pink EARS! I´ll just go with it:" Great hat, Madonna, did you knit that yourself?" ;-) Hugs to everybody from snow-covered, minus digree-ridden Copenhagen, we are so CHILLIN´here! :-)


Madonna is a pop star. She has never done anything fresh or trail blazing.

I just want her to do another pure pop album with real instruments. I'm sick of the cold, mechanical, emotionless albums: ray of light, music, American life, hard candy, etc. same the 4 on the floor for the remixes.

Work with Rick Rubin, Madonna! Explore rock/pop as you have wanted to do for some time.


I'm surprised at some of the intense reactions to Madonna simply goofing around in a photo! Compared to the many controversial antics Madonna has done at various times over her long career- this photo of Madonna is so innocent, so nothing really!!!
Correct me if I'm wrong but I think the underlying issue that has upset some longtime Madonna fans is that her recent antics are perceived as her 'Trying' to be 'down with the kids', when for so long Madonna was considered 'Effortlessly' cool???? Is that it?? I'm just trying to understand.
I do hope that with Madonna's next album & tour she doesn't continue following trends & instead does something fresh & trail-blazing. IMPO Madonna's best work takes place when she is in 'creative innovator mode'.


Never knew a funny pic could start a war or b*tch fight mmmmmmm just humans....
No, we have to be serious all the time or we have lost it..well sorry to say then I have lost it since birth. the pic =)

Michael Mazz1

Holiday.. From all the haters and the BS..
Celebrate... Life...
This girl is living..
listen to your owns wants...
And fulfill your destiny.. Happy V Day!


Ugh. So many slow people. I never said she is perfect and I never said these Instagram pics were works of art. I said just because she posts a couple silly pictures didn't mean she was ready for assisted living.




Everyone is entitled to their opinion and if I think the photos is crap, that's simply my opinion. I don't have to agree with everything Madonna does, even though I've been a massive fan since since 1986! We all know how many mistakes she has done during her career and how she has treated people (including fans) like s**t!

So, you get a hold of yourself, cause a true fan is one who tells the truth and says it how it is, cause she ain't perfect!!!


@definitely a goober Stan. - where have I ever called her a queen? She's not. She is a human being like everyone else yet u are posting that she had lost it do to a joking picture if her with a fake mustache. Didn't she take a similar pic with a mustache back in 1997 before ray of light came out? Oh man, she must have lost it then. Or maybe she "lost it" back in 1984 when she rolled around in a wedding dress singing like a Virginia and her own people thought her career was over before it began.

Move on, Stan. Flush.


I guess the people who have negative comments is always surrounded with negative energy. On the other hand, Madonna looks cute as a man. I will bottom for you anytime ;-)

Gilbert U.

@ Zachary: I agree with you. Madonna is just having fun and goofing around. She's showing us her playful side. I think some are reading a bit too much into it and are only expecting studio quality poses from her. lol Just enjoy whatever she posts and go with the flow!


I just love M's sense of humour - always have!


JFC!!She is not "losing" anything.She's just being silly, like any person sometimes is.Just because she's Madonna, she isn't allowed?Go post your crap somewhere else, no one wants to read your butthurt here.


Vayanse a la MIERDA, That sounds better in spanish to all the negative,bitter ungreatful bitches who only wants to talk shit about Madonna.

Instagran is for fun so lets everyone to have fun and be yourself, if you don lkeit! Vete a la Mierda !!!!!

Not a Stan

@T: have you ever stopped to consider that maybe M genuinely has lost her way? It's only recently that the (constructive, largely) critcism has kicked in. That to me means she has lost her way.

Oh, and just a thought - to use your delightful turn of phrase, what about YOU getting the fcuk of this site if you want to read only fawning, "QUEEN!" nonsense?

Oh, and your psycho babble about low-esteem or not being a fan is hilarious! The usual retort to shut down debate!


I love Madonna, but this pic is just plain silly. But like Stuart Price said in 'I'm Going To Tell You A Secret' Madonna is a geek or nerd at heart but nobody knows it! Post some fun stuff M!!


She's like all of us - working out who she is on Instagram. (I post way too many drunk photos at my phad_us instagram! Haha)

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