Andrea Riseborough: Madonna lets her femininity drive her
Addicted to Instagram! More Madonna on Instagram

Cheers! Madonna joins Instagram

Madonna made her debut on Instagram this weekend posting this picture of herself with the caption 'Cheers motherfuckers! I'm on instagram.'

Both Guy Oseary and Brahim welcomed her onto Instagram by posting these tweets:


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Great, so now we have to see her posts on Instagram and Facebook AND here! Isn't Instagram enough???


she hasnt really had a new style in years-she was so well known for 're-invention'-but hasnt actually re-invented for ages hair style wise.i like the idea of a cherry red bob though @


IMPO very few celebs (& people in general)look great in 'Instagram' photos. Madonna looks nice, but I'm not a fan of the 'Instagram' trend.
I think Madonna should radically change her hairstyle to a Straight Cherry Red Coloured Concave Bob with fringe. Or perhaps go back to her Girlie Show Short Blonde Pixie Cut.I never want to see M with Ray Of Light Long 'Bed Hair' again.
What hairstyle/colour would you like Madonna to try???


That's a wig. Probably the wig she used in the Sticky and Sweet Tour.


One other way the bangs would work would be to go dark cuz the yellow hair on her face isnt attractive with them damn bangs! Id actually LOVE the bangs if it were dark!


Oh God NO!! I pray the bangs are fake! I HATE her with bangs! Shes gorgeous no matter what, but her hair is too pretty to be wacked like that! At least its not all short like True Blue days or Id really cry! I think if she did anything, let them grow into her look when Ray Of Light came out and you could tell she grew out some bangs but it was pretty!


Not a good pic, sorry madge!


As much as I love you M, not the best pics to start with Instagram. But I still love you!!!!!!


Looks a bit like the wig from the end of the S&S tour...


I'm getting tired of her overuse of calling us "Motherf***ers".

Debauch Couture

I love that picture with the martini and the blonde bangs. She looks gaunt like an alien. i LOVE it.


this is the end...


Is Madonna wearing a wig? Her look in this picture (hair colour aside) reminds me of one of her 'Bedtime Story' music video looks. I'm glad Madonna has a new 2013 look!


Is that the Madonna 2013? Interesting....


what a horrid picture


I thought it was Lady GaGa... :-/

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