Madonna working on the MDNA DVD edit
Madonna Mourns DJ Ex-Boyfriend Mark Kamins


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Definitely average.

paul harvey

Madonna has the right to be with whomever she wants.You folks must have just become madonna fans last week.She has not lived a conventional life for the last 30 years.Where is she going to find a man in his 50's,who is in shape,attractive,straight,single,wealthy,attracted to him,he attracted to her and take a back seat to her celebrity.It is the same odds as winning the lottery,next to impossible.She already has 4 children,an amazing career plus tons of money.What else can a man offer her that Brahim can't?

Gilbert U.

The bottom line is that this is not something for us to either approve or understand. This is Madonna's choice in a partner and whatever the attraction may be it's working for her.

In my own personal experience age does not matter much. A person's maturity level is not based solely on their age. Kudos to you Madonna for not living your life as others see fit for you, but living as you so rightfully please.


mmmmm....I dont think you guys understand, what older man is gonna be able to tolerate her non-stop lifestyle? Only a young man with no personal or professional commitments.


This young man is better than average looking, with a killer body too- so on one very basic level I get Madonna's choice in partner!
However, I think the age difference is too vast & you would think that Madonna would have grown tired of superficial, eye candy relationships with YOUNG MEN. Lets be honest how much would they really have in common both intellectually & in terms of life experience??
Madonna needs to find herself a MAN much closer to her age in order to establish a real, meaningful deep relationship. Madonna seems to have lost her self-respect in recent years- it's time to grow up Tinkerbell!!


As many of you said, I don't understand either. I think this kid, because he is not a man yet, is using her. But who knows what is behind this relationship.


It won't last - she needs to find a man and not a boy (its not right), is she that desperate to feel young, hmmmmmmmmmmm!!!


This guy is average looking at best. Madonna should be dating someone who can share their life experience. That means someone close to her age. Even a handsome businessman in their 40's.

Just Saying

I don't get the attraction, either. But then, I didn't with Jesus Luz (who just disappeared "from the scene" almost overnight...).




M evidently lost her way... sorry

paul harvey

The fact the relationship has lasted this long,he must be doing something 'really good'.The last 'MAN' she was with, walked away with $90 million dollars.If he can get her to the stage on time, 'marriage material'.


He's a boy, not a man. She could do way better.


Anoir, neither do I


i do understand! :)


I don't understand M's attraction to this man.

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