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Blond Ambition Memories

Attitude magazine wants your Blond Ambition memories

Matt Cain, the Channel 4 News arts presenter and gay cultural history columnist for Attitude magazine, will be writing a piece about Madonna's Blond Ambition tour for next months magazine.

He wants madonnalicious readers to tweet him their thoughts on the tour, and their memories if they were lucky enough to see it. Your tweet might be chosen and included in the article!

So tweet your Blond Ambition thoughts to @MatthewCainC4. Why not include @_madonnalicious to your tweet so we can read your memories too?


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Ralf E.

I saw it when I was 16 in Rotterdam in the Feijenoord stadium. Date was July 24th.
It was overwhelming to see her again after seeing her live during the 1987 world tour.
How I loved the intro of the show and her appearing on the platform and how the stadium was trembling with our roaring when she came into view. The slightly different version of Open Your Heart. Loved it!
There were a lot of laughs during Like A Virgin, especially with Jose and Luis coming into sight with their huge come bra's and a lot of Vogue-ing everywhere during Vogue. She was very chatty and during Holiday yelled that we were a "great audience". Then one lucky young girl got pulled onstage and danced with her and gave her a huge bouqet of flowers. How jealous we all were. I am glad I witnessed this monumentum show in her outstanding career with my own eyes right there.


@T- 'The Confessions Tour' was a Wonderful Tour (equal 1st with 'BAT' IMPO) BUT it didn't have the same 'Cultural Impact' that 'The Blond Ambition Tour' had- people 'of a certain age' know what I mean.
I disagree with you about 'Cherish', love that song! I agree with you about 'Material Girl' not being great, Madonna performed this song in 'parody' form for both 'WTGT' & 'BAT'- makes you wonder why she bothered, she then dropped it from her next few tours.
By 1990 Madonna did have a few minor flops-'Dear Jessie' & 'Oh Father' weren't big hits.


Definitely not her best show but there some amazing standouts: Express Yourself, oh father/live to tell, PDP, LAP, LAV and of course her most amazing live performance: Keep It Together.
Then you have huge clunkers like Dick Tracy segment, cherish, ITG, material girl, etc.

She has done better shows: Confessions Tour

And of course the show was full of hits, she hadnt has a flop up until that point.


Due to my slightly younger age & country of origin I only got to see Madonna's 'The Blond Ambition Tour 1990' on TV- nevertheless it remains THE Best Concert I've ever 'seen', Madonna really changed the way concerts were presented with this tour! I had only become a Madonna fan in 89 via the 'LAP' album & I was unfamiliar with her prior work at that time, however when watching Madonna's amazing concert I was surprised at how many songs I was actually indirectly familiar with & how great her catalogue of songs were!! Needless to say after watching this fantastic tour I became a super-fan & got all of Madonna's wonderful albums/ maxi-singles. The ratings for her televised concert were so high that they replayed 'The Blond Ambition Tour 1990' only a few weeks later- this was great because the show contained so many 'wow' moments it requires repeated viewing to take it all in. Everything about 1990 Madonna & the 'BAT' was Perfection in my mind- & she capped her amazing year off with one of the Best Greatest Hits albums "The Immaculate Collection" (love the title too!). I just wish that this tour was finally released on DVD worldwide- I've been waiting 23 years!!!


best tour ever.....unfortunately at that time I could only dream about going to a Madonna live show....MDNA was very close though


I was 18yo at the 90's... I was there in rome watching that blonde girl with that huge ambition! It was a rebirth for me and all the people that had the opportunity to stay there .. She were beautiful ! I remember her eyes lighting and shining from the stage better than a spot. I feel very lucky to have had the chance to live her career entirely, from the beginning till now and over in the future!
I still have the dollars with her picture that she thrown from the stage in "material girl" performance !!!!

Ron Daigneault

I had tried to post the above reviews of the Toronto shows on but the comments have never been published!

Ron Daigneault

I saw two of the three Blonde Ambition shows (first and last nights) in Toronto at the Skydome! I thought both shows were amazing! The last show made Madonna's Truth or Dare documentary as it was at this show that the Metropolitan Toronto Police had threatened to arrest Madonna for lude behavior/conduct in a public forum for her simulated masturbation scene in Like a Virgin!

I couldn't believe how far Madonna went in "simulating" masturbation on the first night although I loved every minute of it! I raved to my friends about that scene and they couldn't wait to see her masturbate on stage for the final night of the Toronto shows.

Unlike what was portrayed in Truth or Dare, Madonna barely even touched herself that final night and all I remember was my friends accusing me of lying about this masturbation scene!

Reality was very different from what Madonna wanted to represent to the masses in Truth or Dare. I laugh every time I watch that movie as Madonna did bow down to the "fascist state of Toronto" and did alter her show as not to get arrested. It's is too bad Madonna didn't stick to her guns and do a full on rub-down as getting arrested would have done loads for her street cred!

I still love her and she did up the ante "concert wise" with The Girly Show which oddly enough had it's North American premiere in Toronto!

I don't tweet but hope this makes it Mr Cain!


i was lucky enough to be in the first 5 rows at wembley stadium for this gig-an amazing day-i am really short,so this guy picked me up on his shoulders for the whole show!!!!! i was soooo grateful to him.we'd also been fortunate enough to see hew jogging in hyde park earlier in the day-she looked really happy & was smiling as she ran.i have great memories of that day-it was the most fantastic concert ive ever attended!!!xxx


i remember seeing blond ambition for the first time on tv when i was 15 in 2002. and i can also clearly remember that i thought this is the coolest thing ever. i can only imagine how fun it could have been to see it live. lucky those:)


The best Madonna tour till date (when she was at the height of her career)!

Best memories ever from 'Express Yourself' to 'Keep It Together', every moment of that tour was special :-)

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