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Andrea Riseborough: Madonna is 'wonderful' director

Madonna has 'wonderful instinct' as a director.
Andrea Riseborough - who played Wallis Simpson in the singer's first full length motion picture, romantic drama 'W.E.' - praised her directorial efforts, insisting that the 'Girl Gone Wild' star is as comfortable behind the lens as she is in the recording studio.
Speaking to BANG Showbiz, she explained: 'She was 100% professional. Working with her was a very natural rhythm for me in the sense that she wanted to always capture a moment at its best. Whichever moment we were dealing with emotionally, she always thought to express it in an interesting and truthful way.'
'She has wonderful instinct and that's valuable. And she has an extraordinary eye.'
The 31-year-old actress admitted she was in awe of Madonna's dedication to the project, which depicts the love story between King Edward VII, who abdicated the throne in order to be with American divorcee Wallis.
She said: 'She worked on the project for 10 years and it was such a passion project for her. Really, I think everything is a passion project for her because she is very dedicated about what she does and so enthusiastic about it.'

From Digital Spy


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If Madonna is such a wonderful director, with such great instincts etc then why was W.E. such a Wonderful Flop?

Gilbert U.

So now I get it. When someone whom has worked directly with Madonna has something positive to say no one comments. I wish this fan site had more Andrea Riseborough's. :-D

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