Cheers! Madonna joins Instagram
Madonna makes her debut on Instagram


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Yeah, I agree with Tracy! M should have posted a picture of her bathroom, so we can all be jealous. Hahaha

Not a Stan

This is M trying to be cool and "down wiv da kids." And failing majorly. Agree with Tracy - pointless narcissism. It's the kind of trash I'd expect to see the Kardashians posting online.


Hi! I'm 26yo and got into Madonna around Confessions time. My Mom is 54 and in good shape. If she posted a photo like this I'd die of shame! And I'm not hating on M and I am not ageist!


Tracy you said it right. Totally agree. Couldn't have put it into better words myself. This is wicked.


Looks cheap like her other Instagram photos! Not impressed!


This is hilarious. I love it! Bring it on Madonna!


Is this what Madonna has lowered herself to? Really? I thought M had more integrity and purpose than this. I wait for the next photo of her cleaning her teeth with great anticipation...

Someone of Lola's age posting pointless pics on Instagram I would just about accept, but M?

The world of social media has descended into pointless narcissism with drivel like this. It's almost on a par with Tweets such as "Wow! Raining today! LOL #getumbrella" (no, this isn't from M, I am just saying!)

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