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Great article! Except Borderline hit the top 10 first and then Lucky Star followed, not the other way around.

Billy Shears

Indeed! Very interesting!


Great article! Maybe it's due to my slightly younger age (sorry!) but I feel Madonna truly 'arrived' as an Artist when she released 'True Blue: LP 86'- this album is Timeless, Madonna's voice had a better range (ie a deeper register), & her first Physical Reinvention. Madonna's first album certainly holds up much better over time than her 2nd LP 'Like A Virgin: 84'(Nile Rodger's conceded this sentiment in 98). Her debut album 'works' because of its cohesion of ideas & a simpler 'no frills' sound. The remastered version of 'Madonna: LP' from 2001 is AMAZING & the bonus remix of 'Burning Up' is a real treat. Her debut LP broke all the conventional rules- the earlier singles didn't do that well on the charts BUT with each new single release they performed better & better on the charts & became hits, and eventually the album became such a hit that her 2nd completed album's release was delayed! For me Madonna was the 80's, her music & image was everywhere- even 'academics' would analyse the meanings in her music videos, & each video would become an 'Event'.


Very nice article. I agree that PHYSICAL ATTRACTION is a very overlooked track. I have been disappointed that Madonna has not used this song on any of her recent would be incredible if she did on her next tour. I would also love her to play DEAR JESSIE, KEEP IT TOGETHER, UP DOWN SUITE, DRESS YOU can always hope. Peace


Makes me want to be 12 years old again and have it all to come... Like A Virgin, True Blue, Like A Prayer... Madonna changed the way i listened to music. She is a true icon.


WOW!!! Great article. Her first album is 30 years old. That is so scary. When I first heard Holiday, I had no idea who it was but I loved it. MADONNA is so underrated and brilliant. I know LIKE A VIRGIN put her in the pop stratosphere but MADONNA is much better. My only complaint about the article is that it's too short!!!


Wow, this takes me back! I used to have those pics on my bedroom wall!


Wow, love this! Thanks for posting!

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