Madonna, Bruce Springsteen biggest 2012 world tours
MDNA Fan Pictures: Madison Square Garden (Part 4)


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arriane phillips did the 'S&S' tour-@ T-forgot about the 'groove' outfit-yeah it was a bit rubbish,lol!!& 'cherish' was very joan collins nightwear,lol!!!! did love the rest though!!!xx


I'm surprised JPG designed the dreadful DWT costumes- I din't mind the 'cowgirl look' & her final basic black outfit for 'music', but the rest were nothing special. Nikki Harris was very unhapppy with those tour costumes! Who designed the 'Sticky & Sweet' tour costumes?? They were very relaxed, street style outfits- I can't imagine D&G or JPG were behind them. I did like Madonna's 'Mile's Away' outfit fron S&S Tour, it had beautiful multicoloured detailing on a sexy LBD with boots.


@ albert-youre right-D&G did the costumes for girlie show-i was getting my tours confused.according to wikipedia JPG designed the outfits for the drowned world tour!!!! well that i did not know!!@ ngl-im sure youre right also-im positive JPG did all the costumes for the blond ambition tour.really would love to see these-i hope they extend this travelling masterpiece to the rest of the


Sorry, but the putfit she wore during Into the Groove and Cherish on BA were hideous. Let's be honest with ourselves. The past doesn't always mean good when it comes to Madonna.

Nice try, guys.




Reinvention Corsets where from Christian La Croix, and Karl Lagerfeld
Some pant suits from Stella McCartney. I do think D&G designed most of the costume in the Girlie Show.


@tracy- Thanks for answering my question regarding the 'RIT' costume designers- this means that D&G were responsible for the wonderful costumes for both 'The Girlie Show' & 'RIT'. I have one more question- who designed 'The Drowned World Tour' costumes?? The DWT costumes were the least flesh baring, ultra heavy, layered attire Madonna's ever worn on tour, I felt so sorry for her because she looked over-heated & restricted in them- Guy Ritchie was behind that era, telling her to cover up to the extreme! @tracy you are right- JPG was the designer of the sparkly green/white 'Hanky Panky' corset outfit- I believe JPG was behind every outfit Madonna wore for the 'Blond Ambition Tour', every outfit on that tour was beautiful & original.

Billets Chers

Agree wih tracy - would love to see these in the UK. Went to the Kylie exhibition at the V&A - wow! I know Kylie is tiny, but the dresses were more like Polly Pocket than those of a woman!


The MDNA costumes Madonna wore during "Masterpiece" and "Addicted" were sloppy and hideous...I believe Arriane Phillips is to blame for some of them too.


does anyone know if this is coming to the UK? I would LOVE to see them.pretty sure it was D&G that did re-invention tour.the blond ambition outfits were epic-im suprised the 'hanky panky' outfit isnt here though(the green sparkly one)-as im sure JPG designed that one too.xx


I agree with you about the costumes. I like the Blond Ambition costumes too. I do think that she should have worn the cone bra bodysuit without pants though. That would have been super sexy! I think that the Reinvention Tour costumes were designed by D&G. The MDNA cone bra design was unsightly. I do think that she needs to stop wearing black and those fingerless gloves. More color would be fabulous!




Madonna has always been a walking contradiction and her costumes for the MDNA tore were sublime.


I LOVE JPG's costumes from Madonna's 'Blond Ambition Tour 90' the Best, I also really like his New Inspired Designs from Madonna's 'Confessions Tour 2006'. I was disappointed with the costume JPG created for her recent 'MDNA Tour 2012' as I felt it wasn't a 'fresh' design- however compared to the rest of the outfits she wore on her recent tour, JPG's outfit was still the best even if it was Mistress Dita 2.0! In 94 Madonna said she had burned her pointy bras & that look was history- so I was surprised by the 'virtual pointy bra' re-appearance. Madonna's costumes were great for 'The Reinvention Tour', who designed them??? On her next tour I'd like to see a return to colour, sophistication, & originality in Madonna's Tour costumes again.

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