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In a wide-ranging interview in Billboard's latest issue, of which he graces the cover, Prince had some not-so kind words to say about his fellow performers.
Talking about his contract with Warner Bros. Records - over which he was so upset at what he considered the company's botched promotion of his albums that he changed his name to a symbol for several years in protest - the 54-year-old music legend lashed out at the Material Girl, whom he blamed for taking up much of the label's focus at his expense.
'It was also about Madonna,' Prince told the magazine (via Zap2it) regarding his decision to churn out a series of albums to fulfill his contractual obligation so he could declare his independence. 'She was getting paid, but at the time we were selling more records and selling out concerts on multiple nights.'
As it happened, Madonna also sought freedom from the heavy hand of the music giant when she exited Warner, which had distributed her Maverick Records label for 15 years, for a lucrative deal with Live Nation in 2007.
But the Queen of Pop wasn't only one in Prince's bad books.
The mercurial Minneapolis musician also took a shot at Maroon 5 for covering his classic hit 'Kiss.' While Prince himself said he has no problem covering other bands' tunes in his concerts and paying the requisite royalty for doing so, he questioned the point of recording another artist's track for actual release.
'Why do we need to hear another cover of a song someone else did? Art is about building a new foundation, not just laying something on top of what's already there,' he said.
Ouch. No word what Maroon 5, or Madonna for that matter, has to say about all of this.

From E! Online


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I love 'em both too, all the '58 Babies that became Stars: Michael Jackson, Madonna, Prince. Prince is very eccentric, I think maybe even more than MJ in some ways. Madonna seems the most consistent artist. Blaming Madonna for Prince's failed Paisley Park Record Company and his relationship with Warner Records isn't Madonna's fault. I think it was more Prince's and Warner's fault(s); and he's being a bit Elton John about the whole thing.


Don't get me wrong, I love Prince and think he's amazing and have even seen him in concert twice, but this seems like a bunch of bull. He was criticising the label's focus on Madonna rather than himself which seems like of childinsh in a "it's not fair" kind of way, but I'm sure there were other things which made him feel so badly against Warner, so I guess he's free to vent about whatever he chooses. His comment about other people doing covers seems hypocritical because he himself has released covers of other people's songs such as his cover of Joni Mitchell's 'A Case of You' (granted it was for the Joni Mitchell tribute album), but he's also covered Bonnie Raitt's 'I Can't Make You Love Me', Joan Osbourne's 'One Of Us' AND The Stylistics 'Betcha By Golly Wow' ALL from the Emancipation album and then covered Sheryl Crow's 'Everyday Is A Winding Road' on the Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic album and then covered 'Crimson And Clover' for the Lotusflower album... so really Prince?


I'm glad I'm not the only one who sees that this isn't some slag on Madonna. It's Warner Sros. he has the problem with. And they are not the only ones I'm sure. Siouxsie Sioux once quoted that she hated Warners so much that she wouldn't "piss on them if they were on fire". And she wasn't even part of their roster. She had a rotten experience with them just for a soundtrack single.


The comments don't really make any sense and seem to contradict the facts: "She was getting paid, but at the time we were selling more records". Surely an artist earns a percentage of what they make via single/album and ticket sales? Also this was around the time when Madonna's albums were selling anything between 20 and 30 million copies. Prince has sold an estimated 100m albums worldwide. Madonna around 300m.


I don't see where Prince is criticising Madonna? Just one of those media classics where the content of the title does not quite correspond to the content of the story.


I LOVE both Madonna & Prince as artists, especially their duet 'Love Song' from "LAP". I don't really understand Prince being angry at Madonna, she didn't have any part in the destruction of his career- I thought Prince was angry at his record label?!? IMPO Prince needs to accept responsibility for being foolish & basically trashing his own career in the mid-90's onwards! Prince changed his name to a symbol, and thus he had 2 record companies flooding the market with records under either the Prince/ Symbol name & this confused fans (like me!). Around this time Prince kept on talking about Emancipation & promising a forthcoming 'welcome 2 the dawn of a new generation'- but Prince's music failed to improve or really evolve much for the better, thus many fans eventually gave up on the whole Prine saga! Prince must be jealous of Madonna's continued musical success into the 90's, & new millenium- but its not Madonna's fault that Prince's career ran out of steam. I'm still waiting for the dawn Prince!!!


totally agree-he doesnt slate madonna-it was warner bros he slated-id love them to work together again-love songs a great simple song!!!xx


This the media trying to start something. I don't think he said anything against her. He had issues with the record company and how they handled things. Prince is awesome.


I don't see where Prince is criticizing Madonna. It's a criticism of Warner Records. Another pathetic effort by the media to create news.


I don't really understand how this was an attack on Madonna vs. just stating that high profile artist were seeing lots of record. Am i missing something?


Well is simple make more new songs and style and stop your purple rain ! Is top keep growing and stop living in the past. I just saying !

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