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Making Of MDNA With Moment Factory

MDNA tour proven more successful than originally thought

Last week, Billboard released the updated final numbers for Madonna's MDNA tour, which was widely publicized to have made 296 million dollars. Apparently, all shows weren't accounted for and Madonna actually made almost 306 million dollars. This gives her the 10th biggest moneymaking tour of all time.
What's interesting about these numbers is the fact that Elton John and others have declared Madonna's career as 'over' this past year. Elton John, who played to mostly empty houses this past year, shouldn't be one to talk. There is no doubt he's had an amazing career, but to call someone far more successful than you 'over' seems a bit hypocritical.
This isn't to say that Madonna is perfect either. There has been a lot of bad publicity over her recent tour. Most of the bad publicity is unwarranted and sexist, but some is deserved. The fact that she started many of her shows at 10:30 p.m. (even one time 11:30 p.m.) is very disrespectful to fans who have paid so much money to see their idol.
We hear that there were many technical difficulties for the MDNA tour. We also hear that Madonna was not backstage laughing while crowds waited impatiently; she was making sure everything was perfect. In other words, Madonna thought she was caring for her fans by doing several vocal rehearsals, dance rehearsals, and analyzing everything to make sure her show was perfect for the fans, even if she came on stage late. Madonna does care about her fans, but not in a way that makes everybody happy.
2013 will - for the most part - be a peaceful year for the Queen of Pop. She deserves some time off. There may be a soundtrack song released and we hear she has been talking with Patrick Leonard, the man she cowrote 'Live to Tell,' 'Like a Prayer,' and many other classics with. There is also a big possibility that Madonna will perform at various events. Let's hope the Queen of Pop will show the world, once again, why she has earned her title.



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"The Celebration Tour: 2014' Setlist":
1)Hung Up
3)Get Together/ Open Your Heart
4)Express Yourself
5)MEDLEY:Into The Groove/Gambler/Causin A Commotion
[INTERLUDE: Justify My Love]
7)MEDLEY: Deeper & Deeper/ Rescue Me
8)Like A Prayer
10)MEDLEY: Ray Of Light/ Bedtime Story/ Falling Free
[INTERLUDE: Beautiful Stranger]
12)Don't Tell Me
13)American Pie
14)The Power Of Goodbye/ Take a Bow
[INTERLUDE: I'll Remember]
15) This Used To Be My Playground
16) Masterpiece
17) Cherish
18)MEDLEY: LaIsLaBonita/Veras/Who's That Girl/ Spanish Lesson
19) 4 Minutes
20)Turn Up The Radio
22) Holiday


The Immaculate Tour 2016 set list

material girl
dress you up
crazy for you
into the groove
open your heart
true blue
like a prayer
express yourself
rescue me
deeper and deeper
take a bow
this used to be my playground
ray of light
don't tell me
die another day
hung up
4 minutes
love spent
beautiful killer
some girls
give me all your lovin

performed as recorded. This is my dream madonna concert......


Thanks Jeffrey! I concur! :)

I think personally that next to the Confessions Tour, this is one of her best.
You can tell that Madonna's determination was on full-throttle when it came to the MDNA era.
People may have mixed feelings over the album and the tour, but personally it has influenced me to do what I need to do in my life. And it couldn't have come at a more perfect time, being a soundtrack to accompany my current life situations.

The whole soul's journey from "Darkness to Light" theme of the tour was the topping on the cake.
I will remember MDNA the album & tour as a special milestone in my life.


I'm not sold on 'The Immaculate Tour' title because it could mislead people into thinking she is covering the first 7 years of her musical career- but this title is better than her calling it 'The GHTV2'!


Dear T: I must have failed math in school. She's too big to fail you silly little thing you. xoxxo

Gareth Love

People comment how she isnt as good as she used to be, yet come on here everyday commenting? MDNA is an amazing dark album and the tour suited the theme for the album. It was my favourite tour by her, and I have seen every tour since the Girlie Show, I have been a huge fan since I was 3 years old, when I had my first album bought for me - Like a Virgin. She has always and will always deliver for me, and shows no signs of slowing down. Long live the queen


I also thought exactly what you said down to the title of the tour. The immaculate tour is perfect. Great minds think alike.

L Kimball

I've been a major Madonna fan since 1984 (but introduced to her music around the end of 1982. Most of you reading this weren't born or even your parents weren't born until after that time!!)

I marvel at how she keeps the music and the message fresh everytime she puts out new music. In terms of innovations, not much, but HER MUSIC and ARTS ARE GREAT and she has influenced so many youngsters after her.

In this day and age, artists need to tour to generate revenue. Otherwise, making $ off albums and music is not the best way. With youtube, and mp3, it's so easy to not want to purchase albums. But concerts generate mucho dinero - with program sales, clothing, tickets, etc etc Plus you get to enjoy a state of the art, world class show with Madonna and the fun of meeting like minded people.

What worries me, though, I don't like to see the artists/musicians/singers/dancers pushed to the limits. Look how tragically Michael Jackson was pushed over his limit (and to his death) in 2009. All that for big bucks for the music company, managers, whoever and whatever. I hope that never happens again, but I'm afraid something like that might have happened with Whitney Houston. The greedy recording companies and managers (they know who they are) are ruining the lives of the artists just for money and to keep the board of directors happy and to keep their pockets full of $.


Hahahaha !! I love the theory of everyone here but really back in the 80's style in 2013 ? You guys must be kidding me or love to leave and hang on the past ? Is obvious North America love to keep the same style and still missing great artist from around the work because people like opinion on here wants the past back. I think they must need to open their mind a little but more about Madonna style. Every cd is awesome with her personal style and massage ! Well MADONNA IS MADONNA and no one like her.

Bang bang !


The next tour should be a huge greatest hits tour. From each decade.

The Immaculate Tour would be the perfect title.


I attended the MDNA concert in October in SF. Yes, she did come on stage late at around 10:30, but the wait didn't seem that long to me. It was great fun waiting around anticipating, talking to people (and watching some people getting drunk, making a fool of themselves, etc.) so I didn't mind at all.


Madonna sacrificed MDNA the album for W.E. and Truth or Dare. So, thank God at least MDNA the tour has been very successful.

@Lion: Thank you so much for your comment! Can't agree more!


Sounds like the article only mentioned the possibility of Pat Leonard in the context of a soundtrack. Yeah would be good if she did work with Pat Leonard or even Stephen Bray again but would need to be careful the production does not sound dated.

MDNA is a great album but the biggest problem IMO is that some more time could have been spent recording it and getting a great vocal job done as I don't think Madonna's vocals while they are in tune are amongst her best (maybe she was ill when recording some of the songs or the sound engineers just played around with it too much which is what William Orbit hinted at) a lot of the songs were done in a too high a key and sounded (to me) too heavily pitched up to achieve that key rather than real and rich like she sounds in her lower register - compare how beautiful her voice was singing Love Spent in a lower key live to the how the vocal sounds on the album. Every note on the album is perfect but sometimes sounds over produced which takes away something from how good some of the songs could have been. Also I think it was obvious she did not get involved in the official remixes for the album as they were absolutely dire

She is the queen of comebacks (Ray of Light, Confessions) after a less than well received album and I know when she puts her mind to something and really tries she is so capable of putting out another masterpiece album - no artist can do that for every record of a 30 year career it is like a roller coaster.


New Album or Song with Pat Leonard ! its time Madonna. I Agree ditch the crosses and heavy dance go back to Classic POP!.. and please NO TOUR for the next album. let the anticipation that you care about the MUSIC not just making money!

The Lion

Even though MDNA reached #1 and her tour was mega-successful, I think Madonna is well aware of the tepid critical response to her last album. Granted, she always gets that and it does not stop her from moving on and being great, but I think at this point she is more concerned about how her career is perceived. She is a smart woman, and I think for the next effort she will devote considerably more time and thought because she knows it has to be a well-received album. Only that would guarantee her relevance. And frankly, I think if she had not been that busy with W.E. and had not recorded MDNA over a couple of months but actually spent some more time on it, it would have been a really great album (I still think it's wonderful, but I can see how it could be improved too). I think she rushed it because she couldn't afford to have five year without an album. In any case, I think she'll do what she did after American Life - she'll write an album she knows will be a huge success because her name relies on it. If she drops a bomb, it will make it really hard for her to maintain her name as a successful contemporary pop artist. I wish her, and us, a deep, well-thought and fun album - she knows, and so do we, that she can deliver that.

william gleason

I love the idea of a pat leonard reunion! that being said,.. Madonna stated several times she goes on at 10. really? who goes to a concert thinking I have to get home early for the next day? lame! don't go to the next concert you will miss an amazing show! wah!


What can I say - the tour was a real disappointment last year (yes I was one of those who waited till 11pm before she came on), its simply not right to treat your fans in a very disrespectful way who have paid a lot of money to see her perform.

Her album did not get much publicity as it deserved thanks to her record label, what a mistake as 'Girl Gone Wild' and 'Turn Up The Radio' could have been SUPER MEGA HITS!!!

What's with the Truth Or Dare promotion, its not working!

Her film W.E. was a big flop and lost a lot of money, simply because her name was linked to it as a director. I liked the film myself, but Madonna should stick to making good music, and not the electronic dance music as getting very boring now as it all sounds the same.

It has been a very low year for her, and yes she has lost a lot more fans than before. I've been a fan since 1986 and have to say that her music in the 80's and 90's were simply the best! That is what people remember her by!!!

She needs to make an album which is going to blow people away (True, Blue, Like A Prayer, Ray Of Light etc....).

In her next world tour, she needs to do some kind of greatest hits tour as that would really sell out as fans would love to hear more 80's classics rather than some of her boring set list which people find annoying. Come on stage on time, as people have got work to go to the following day, and not forgetting other priorities in life. She needs to communicate and talk to her fans more while on stage and show some appreciation (rather than saying to her fans that they should appreciate her for being there instead)!! Stop having a hissey fit every so often and there is no need to take your clothes off as that was so the 90's. Also Get rid of that cat walk on stage, its really a bad stage set up as its limited view for certain fans near the front of the stage!

I now rest my case, and Madonna stop being so serious :-)


I hope she does work with Patrick Leonard. I love their songs. They're rich, meaniingful and her vocals capture real intimacy and emotion. These songs are iconic and are relevant today. Her current music is repetitive and too electronic. I still love her voice but not her current songs. She's only relevant to die hard fans today. I think she has so many tales to tell that she can capture in her songs.


I want Madonna to work again with PL because they have only made great music together, but also with orbit and Joe Henry. Henry, in particular, brings out the best and most original in Madonna. Don't Tell Me, Jump, The devil wouldn't recognize you, and Falling Free are simply superb.


THE QUEEN - I am sure Madonna will be sad and will not sell out any of her shows on the next tour. :(

ngl - The EDM sound is tired. Everything sounds the same, but the Remixed & Revisted EP should never be mentioned. I want pure pop, real instrumentation.

I would LOVE if it she did an album with Rick Ruben. He would bring that slight rock sound Madonna has toyed with for years, not to mention almost every album he produces becomes a critic and fan favorite. I think he would be a perfect fit for a new Madonna direction.


If she didn't obsess over the details, she could have come on earlier. You'd think by the time she reached North America, she's have the show down pat. I think she over-rehearsed and should have taken into account her fans have jobs, lives and kids and aren't rich like she is. They have to make plans to get to/from her shows and some travel great distances. Being hours late, night after night--for Madonna to make things right with the show, is a lame excuse, IMHO. She has had weeks of rehearsals, has done this show night after night for months, and even though there were problems, over-rehearsing and micromanaging every detail is a bit OCD if you ask me. Lighten up Madonna, and be on time for your fans--not lagging backstage making sure you check over your staff. Shit happens, just get out on that stage at a reasonable hour--not 2 hours past time on the ticket!

See you next tour. Please be on time next time. Your fans will appreciate it.


I will never pay to see her in concert again b/c of her tardiness. That being said, she is the hardest working person in show business and she is A QUEEN!


What sound would you like Madonna's next album to take? IMPO Madonna's done Electronic Dance Music, in various forms, for over a decade now & its time to move on.
I would like something a bit slower & more acoustic, I loved parts of the 'Remixed & Revisited EP', maybe Madonna should extend on that. @JC- What do you mean by the term 'more European style', what does that sound entail??


ngl - Yes, Madonna's lyrics on her first three albums didn't include any cliched lyrics, because as everyone knows, pop music never includes cliches. :)


Uh, Madonna's voice has NEVER been as good as it has been since roughly 1995 on. Her vocals on tour, for the most part, have been live and quite on-key.

I, myself, only love, 'Confessions' as for albums released in the 2000's and beyond. Not to say the others are bad, I just don't love them. Would love it she wrote with P.L again, but those rumors always come up after each new album/tour is finished.

As for her coming on late - Don't like it? Don't go. I don't care how much you paid. You are paying to see someone who RARELY comes on stage at the time the ticket states. This has been with every tour, yet people act like it's new and she is doing it on purpose to upset her fans, the same fans who bitch and complain about everything she has done since, ROL, lol.

Next! :)

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