Happy New Year!
Madonna Stalker Handed Three Years Probation


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anne and madonna

Two of my favourite women together!


Dee...you criticise people for criticising Madonna...then you criticise Anne hathaway for looking dull. They are both human and equal. What one is exempt from should apply to the other as well, surely? Or is just Madonna that needs defending?


@Kelly: Amen! Perfectly put!


I think M just likes the gloves look. It is easy enough to get your hands done if she was that insecure.


@Lisa - I disagree.

Her hands have always been veiny. It's called working out.

And as far as her facial work goes, it certainly has looked 100X better then 2011 and early 2012. She looks great in most shots these days.


She is at a New Year's Eve Party having fun after touring for 8 months. I think she looks great and so what if she is drunk. I am sure her outfit is from a top designer. Anne's dress looks flat and frumpy and so does her hair. Madge you rock whatever you wear. everyone stop being so critical of her. She has done so much and deserves some fun. Kudos to her to wear the same outfit twice and not have to wear some uncomfortable gown.


LoL, all these comments! Madonna is having a good time and if she reads these comments she would be like "these people are crazy" saying her look is too "sticky and sweet" and "she covered her hands back in 1994". lol!! WTF!!


She is allowed to wear what she wants, when she wants. But being a fashion icon and stating the fact it was a high end New Year's Eve bash, come girl make bit of an effort with dressing up to the nines!

The gloves and same look is getting a bit boring, it's time for a change (but what could she do next), the only thing she has not done is shave her hair off. Is she that daring, guess not!!!


@T: Madonna may have liked her hands back then, but that was a couple of decades ago. As for the 80s, well then gloves were part of the whole fashion look.

No, the truth is that M's hands now belie other - ahem! - "help" she has had on other parts of her body!


Lol again at people saying she hates her hands even though she said they are her favorite part of her body during LAP which is why their on the cover. I guess madonna was hating and 'hiding' her hands back in 1984-1985 when she always wore gloves. Lol.


People are entitled to their opinion. Stop bashing others for expressing themselves. Nobody is perfect, including Madonna. If it was all a bunch of fawning over her, this would be boring. I enjoy reading others' opinions, some not so much, but that's their right. Ignore what you don't like and embrace the rest. Let it will be. I love Madonna, but can see that she's human like the rest of us. Sometimes she looks fabulous, other times she doesn't. So what?


Madonna became the hugest star ever lived by being innovative and provocative, by working hard on her art and look. She's still very much out there, still sells out, her physique is still amazing. Therefore, she needs to care about fashion to not disappoint her fans. But she doesn't anymore. People say her priorities have changed, but look at say Angelina Jolie, I'm sure she doesn't give a shit about fashion, yet looks amazing ,when she has to.
Though Arianne Phillips has proven to be very good in film costumes and Madonna's stage outfits, something is not working in her best client's red carpet style. Tons of wrong dresses, that make M look fat, trashy, try-too-hard, and anything , but innovative. The gloves/fishnets/cross look has been done a million times, still has some place on stage, but needs to stop otherwise. Not saying she should wear pink and ruffles, but there's a way to wear black and muted colors all the time,and still look edgy, new and polished.


@Louise: My language was no ment to be charming. And there is enough abuse towards Madonna in those comment fields sometimes. Anger management is a contraproductive old form of treatment. I was angry when I read some comments here. But later on I calmed down quite fast. I had other things to do.


Give her a break, you guys! She has been touring all around the world since May! No wonder she might be a little tired. I think she actually looks quite fresh when you think that she has just ended the MDNA tour...

Happy new year everybody! <3


Jojje - there is nothing wrong with wearing the same dress twice. The problem here is that it is a dress that shouldn't have been worn the first time. It's exceptionally tacky. It doesn't scream glamour - it screams cheap nightie.
However - for all those who say Madonna looks drunk - I don't see it myself. Facially she looks lovely and relaxed. She looks, dare I say it - happy.


I agree that Madonna badly needs a new look & to stop wearing gloves & Black SO often- but Madonna still looks Very Pretty IMO. Madonna's in great shape so she doesn't need to wear black for its slimming properties, Madonna needs to rediscover colour in clothing again! I wish Madonna would work with Kylie Minogue's Stylist Will Baker, he's Amazing. I guess the reason why some people are disappointed with Madonna's current look is due to the fact that from 82-08 Madonna sported an Astonishing Array of Beautiful Looks & Different Fashions, & it comes as a surprise to see Madonna in recent times no longer trying to be the 'Queen of Reinvention'. I don't think Madonna cares about fashion that much anymore, her values have changed & she did say "I have realized that there are more important things in life than selecting the perfect lip colour!"


@Jojje : what charming language! I am actually surprised Madonnalicious posted your abuse.

Maybe you could treat yourself to anger management classes this year?


She looks like she it's having fun!!Thats all it matters boys and girls


Are u fucking retarded! She was at a private party, not at at a red carpet to please fans with a new dress. And BTW - why not wear the same dress twice anyway. If ske was a bit waisted - SO WHAT? She looks relaxed. Well deserved for her. She has been on tour for looong and must be exhausted. And I hate the sexistic comments on how she looks. She looks relaxed and cute. Fuck off with all stupidity!!!


@Kelly: I imagine she IS tired... after being on tour for six months!

@MADwally38/Tara: agree totally!

@Adam: Hmmm, I thinks she was more likely 'acting' (and I use the word loosely where M is concerned!) drunk in IGTTYAS!

Scott: agree re: the gloves! We all know M hates her hands - get over it, M - we all know what they look like! The gloves just highlight even more the fact that she is covering something up! LOL


Madonna has been wearing so much black in recent years. She needs to mix it up a bit. Madonna needs to remember that she is a fashion icon and. Please Madonna give us some new looks.

Simon Smith

I think she looks great , people should give her a break , she looks a little hammered but its New Year's Eve yeah ? And as for recycling the dress so what ? I'm sure it cost more than most people's wardrobe


lol@all the Madonna 'fans' putting her look down when the lady next to her, Miss Hathaway wore that same red outfit on Letterman 2 weeks ago.

Youtube it ;)

For just finishing up a 7 month tour, having 4 kids under 18, being 54 years old and being sick, she looks damn good to me.


Happy new year, Madonna!
I'm sure you're exhausted and just wanted something comfortable to finally get drunk and slutty in...YOU GO GIRL!


Agree.... she needs a NEW LOOK... c'mon Madonna... time for change... more glam and DONE with the half gloves and mini's and thigh high boots... ENOUGH... looks cheap.

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