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Larry Gagosian talks about the days Madonna was his driver

He’s long been thought of as the most powerful man in the art world but even in his early days Larry Gagosian attracted star quality.
Kim Gordon from Sonic Youth was his first framer as he set up his fledgling poster business. And when he started making his living as an art dealer, Madonna was his driver.
Talking to Interview magazine, he recalls the time that his artist-client Jean-Michel Basquiat came to live with him in LA and dragged his girlfriend along.
'He said, ‘Her name is Madonna and she’s going to be huge...So Madonna came out and stayed for a few months and we all got along like one big, happy family… I lost my license at one point and Madonna actually became our driver for a while.'
'Madonna drove us around! But she was no joke. Even then you could see the discipline and focus and ambition. She’d go running every morning. She’d do yoga. She’d be on the phone with her people. You got the sense she was serious. I wouldn’t say that we’re really friends anymore, but whenever I see her, we have this nice history.'
He’s probably sold her a few paintings since then, too.



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I don't believe the story. Madonna did not have a licence in NYC until she had her like a virgin album. Liz Rosenberg took her to get her licence in LA. I think this man is confusing some other girlfriend for Madonna. It's documented in a lot of Madonna books. Unless he drove without a licence but there is not one story of madonna travelling to LA then.


It you grow up in the midwest, you drive.


Yes, Madonna drives. She even sang about it once, "I drive my Mini Cooper and I'm feeling super-duper"!


Great article! I was always under the impression that Madonna didn't drive, at least not during her early NY days. I'm not surprised to hear about Madonna's early dedication & drive- her self-belief & drive, in the face of overwhelming obstacles, is what I find so remarkable about Madonna. She always believed she was going to be a Megastar, she worked very hard & her dreams came true!

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