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Madonna and Anne Hathaway at Valentino's party


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Yes great music would be great! I've been a fan of all albums to be honest, but yes I would love a new evolution. Not saying ROL but something that feels new and different the way that album felt. I certainly wouldn't want 6 plus versions of an album like mdna . Have an album chaulked full with great new music and remix the sh!t out of it on singles like the good old days.

Ultimate IMO would be a three or four disc album. All new. All separate style but a connection over all four that made sense.winter/spring/summer/fall.

Bottom line..more music Madonna!


"I'm hungry for more music. Don't ya just wish she'd release more and more music more and more often?!" @Scott

As long as it is GREAT music, then Yes!


Let's pray we do not have The MDNA Tour Part 2. As the lady herself would say... REDUCTIVE!


A very Happy 2013 to Madonnalicious! Without you I don't know where I could get all my Queen of the Universe info from! Looking forward to another 365 very informative days!!


No need to repeat mdna tour. I'm hungry for more music. Don't ya just wish she'd release more and more music more and more often? I'd liike a huge dose of back to back wicked albums. I wish she'd relEase at the rate rhianna has been doing. Truth is if you love the music you love the music. I can only think of two songs that just never worked for me. More Music Madonna...mmm


All the Best for 2013 Madonnalicious- THE BEST Madonna Fansite!! This is such a high quality & always up-to-date website- outstanding work Clare! Does anyone know what Madonna has planned work-wise for 2013?? @John- I'm not sure if your joking, but I doubt Madonna would want to continue her super-long 'MDNA Tour 2012' into 2013!


Happy New Year, Madonnalicious. Thank you for all you do! Love it here after all these years! Best wishes for a fantastic 2013!


A second round of mdna the tour?

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