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When I click on vote, nothing comes up. Could someone let me know what I'm doing wrong when I get to the website please?!!?


I love Madonna and I think for many, many years her musical achievements have been unfairly overlooked by the establishment & she has won very few awards & that was wrong. However in 2012 I don't believe that she deserves an award for her work in any of the categories listed for this World Music Award Event. If they had a category for & she was nominated for her 'Superbowl Performance' then I would be all for her winning an award, the same goes for her beautiful ballad 'Masterpiece'. I'm surprised that 'GMAYL' was even nominated for 'Best Song' of the year 2012- it was a critical & commercial flop, and even her fans didn't L-U-V this song if their comments on the internet are to be believed!! I doubt Madonna will even attend this award show- it would require a mad dash after her concert on the 19th from South America to Miami and back again to finish off very last concert date.


Updated your blog post!!! Madonna is also nominated for its WORLD'S BEST ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR!!!


I Vote for MADONNA for all Best Video,Best Entertainer,Best female Artist,Best Album of the Year and ETC... I love her all Album and I Luv Her as well. MDNA is Best Album of all time 4 Me it feels like she is the New Young MADONNA again LUV 4 MADONNA MUAHHH!!!


I voted for Madonna in all categories possible! GO MDNA!


its nominated for WORLD'S BEST ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR as well


she is also nominated for WORLD'S BEST ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR, don't forget to vote in that category too.

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