Material Girl exclusive behind the scenes look at MDNA tour
Madonna has 2012's highest grossing tour


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Good performance and a wonderful voice.!Long live the Queen!!!!


At the '97 Oscars Madonna was up for an award under the 'Best NEW Song in a Movie/ Musical Category' & 'You Must Love Me' was the ONLY new song in 'Evita' & therefore Madonna had to sing that song. It's a shame Madonna didn't sing 'You Must Love Me' & then climax with 'Don't Cry For Me Argentina'- but perhaps the Academy felt that Madonna had already climaxed on stage a little too often in the past!!! Nevertheless, I think it's criminal that Madonna didn't get nominated for & win the award for 'Best Actress' in 'Evita'. I admire Madonna for still agreeing to sing at the Oscars once she learnt that she was not even nominated, Barbra S was furious that she wasn't nominated that year either but she refused to sing- the presenter made a barbed remark at Bab's expense while praising Madonna's graciousness etc!! VIVA MADONNA!!!!

Gilbert U.

@ HCB - I agree, but that year "You Must Love Me" was up for an award versus "Don't Cry For Me Argentina". Therefore, she had to perform the song that up for the award. Which we all can recall won the Oscar for Best Song. :-D


I always wondered what this song would sound like live from Madonna. Absolutely lovely, I wish she had sang this instead at in the '97 Oscars!


Thanks for posting this! I could watch it over and over!


She looks absolutely the same in this video as she did in 1987 on Who's That Girl!! Such beauty! Great performance....

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