Adam Lambert excited to sing Madonna track at VH1 DIVAS
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Madonna used to have "Italian Thighs" (Her description) but after seeing her up close during MDNA shows, her thighs are not fat, or big like they used to be. She's crazy to think they, or anything on her body look fat! I think her Fat to Muscle Ratio is probably close to zero!


Nice article i like it and i don't think that Madonna have fat tights it is good as it is.


I think Madonna looks better under this girls training than she did with Tracey back in the Sticky and Sweet Tour. She was way too skinny in that tour. She looks FANTASTIC now.


Madonna's thighs aren't fat! However her legs aren't as slim as they once were; I recently watched her S&S Tour 08 DVD & I was surprised at how trim her thighs were then- this article reveals that Madonna had a different trainer back in 08! I doubt Madonna really has any major issues with her thighs, if she did then she would do what most people do & cover up! I think Madonna's trainer talk is just promotion for workout DVD's, suggesting Madonna has body issues makes her seem more 'relatable', this is clever marketing! Shame clever marketing wasn't used for her 'MDNA Lp'!!


Fat thighs?! Girl you're crazy! Come to my house, I'll show you fat thighs

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