Video: 'Like A Prayer' in Chile
The final soundcheck!


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Favorite: the floating drummers

Worst: "Hung Up" - she murdered it!!!!!

Terrance Noel

Saw her in my Hometown in New Orleans October 27! AMAZING TOUR! My first Madonna show EVER! I did drag only for Madge.Everything was so theatrical and amazing... Intro and the interludes were da Bomb! I cannot wait to see her next tour!
FAV Performances:
Gang Bang
EXPRESS YOURSELF---LOL Amazing Mix With Born This Way



Such an amazing show!the best inline with Confessions, and she came to the NIA in Birmingham UK! was such an amazing experience! my friend was so overwhelmed he cried when he saw the stage set up lol! opening of the show was theatrical and artistically created and Vogue was typical Madonna at her best! an amazing show and such a CELEBRATION of her creativness....cant wait for the next tour


Hi everybody. I saw the show when she was here in Copenhagen in July. It was my first concert ever with The Queen,and I´ve been a fan of her since the mid-nineties, so it was, quoting Madonna: " AWEsome!" :-) I was not in the Triangle, but loved the show anyway. It was so impressive, with all the dancers, the huge screens, the sound and, of course seeing Madonna for real.Unforgettable. I hope, she can relax and unwind now, she sure deserves it! Happy New Year to ALL of you! Hugs from Copenhagen.


I was so glad she threw in "Love Spent" in my hometown, Chicago(2nd Show) before my show in DC 9/23(my 2nd Madonna Concert)! Me and my friend had great time that night, and "Like A Prayer" was the biggest highlight of the show in DC that night.


Best tour yet! My favorite parts: opening of concert, her singing gang bang, girl gone wild, like a vigin ( i think she looked at me when she was on piano), love spent. I have been a fan of hers for 20 years and I had the best experience of my life. I saw her in San Jose on October 6th, two days before the concert I won the Golden Triangle tickets, I was jumping up and down, screaming and dancing when I heard the news (lasted about 3 hours). When my fiance' and I were in the GT it was such a surreal moment, I will always remember it. I can die a happy woman, because during Like A Prayer she touched the tips of my fingers. OMG! My fiance' always tells me that when Madonna go closer to me I shoved him out of the way so I could get enough reach to touch her! It sure paid off! I am 5'2 and everyone around me was so much taller than me, but I she touched me none the less. And when I am having a bad day or feel down I just thik about that moment of her fingers touching mine and I smile. Thank You Madonna , I love you always and forever!


Best moments:
-Opening /Girl Gone Wild : best opening ever
-The last phrase of Express Yourself/Born This way..."She's not me"...Genius!!!
-The visual effects ( Vogue, I'm a!!!)
-Her voice on Masterpiece (tears were rolling down my cheek)
-Rocco, the kid can dance!!

No so Best moments:
- Like a Virgin, did not hate but did not like..same thing with Hung Up...those are pure classic songs, we want to hear them like it was made to be hear
-her tardiness : starting at 10:15 was ok for us, but heard somme place did not start until 11pm, 11:30..that's too late.

But my best moment is when I saw the look on my niece eyes when I told her that we're going to be in the Golden Triangle...priceless moment.

Tour rate : A- ( Confessions and Re-Invention are still my favorite tour)

A well deserve rest for THE QUEEN OF POP!

My wish for next tour : more oldies like Holiday, Crazy for you. 6 new songs of the new album, 9 was a bit too much.

Happy holidays Madonna and Madonnalicious


ive been fortunate enough to attend all of madges tours-but my highlight from this tour was taking my 9 year old daughter to her first M gig in birmingham!! just watching her reaction to everything was amazing.she loved every moment-especially the dangling drummers!!we had to wait ages for madonna to come on-but we passed the time chatting to a great bunch of people.when she did finally arrive we sang & danced our hearts out!!we had a great time!!xxx

Rusty Gage

She started her Human Nature striptease right in front of me in San Jose. I'm not a weak man, but I went weak. Madonna's confidence alone exudes covert sexiness. Playing out the role to match the oh-so-true lyrics made her even sexier. What a strong, beautiful, inspiring example of being all one can be. Thank you, Madonna, for being the survivor that you are and for raising the bar of self expectation for all of us once again! You rock!


This tour was sooooo great in my opinion.

Got into the triangle on all shows I went to!! :)

Got to hold Madonna's hand!!!!!!!!!

Derek Price

My favorite moment was seeing her live in Atlanta, second row, and just enjoying the show. I am glad this tour is ending. She needs a break, and I hope the next tour isn't as dark but more fun and includes more older stuff. I would like it if she would release an EP for the next tour of 5 songs she promotes but includes those 5 along with older and well-known songs for the next show.


finally it's over...time for some groundbreaking stuff m

James Murray

Geting to shake her hand during like a prayer


just wanted to thank Her for everything. had an unforgettable experience in Vienna:)


Seeing Madonna in Pittsburgh on Election Day was awesome, especially when she and the crowd learned that Obama had won re-election and she referenced Obama in "Holiday" and "Celebration."


Best moments:
- Beautifull Killer in Paris Olympia concert. Why was not part of the complete show? Great song, great live.
- Love Spent, much better than Like a Virgin moment.
- Masterpiece. Sometimes she can see very well :-)

Worst Moments:
- Concert in Chile starting with the 2d act, only 1 hour show.
- Express Yourself-Born this way MIX. What for???
- Celebration playback.

Glen Nash

This tour has had so much bad press, but was amazing. We went to the hyde park show in London (not the best venue i've seen her in, but hey) and she was on fire. I've loved Madonna as long as i can remember & I can honestly say her she gets better & better. The opening was perfect, just what I had imagined when i heard the album, the cheeky snipe at gaga was just right (come on, Gaga has done much worse & M has been complimentary but she has been ripped off) i'm addicted was brilliant, I love that song, seeing Rocco up there with her was lovely, just the whole thing. We have lost so many great artists & I am so proud for Madonna that she has maintained her dignity throughout all the years & still pushes buttons, takes huge risks, sticks up for people & all in what was a kick arse show. Long live the queen, love ya girl! Glen x


I was kind of dissapointed since I entered the Golden Triangle contest but didn't win. Anyway, I think the opening was soooo powerful!! I may say is the best ever!!! The voices of Kalakan were the perfect match!! The flying drummers were amazing,Like a Prayer, Like a Virgin/Love Spent, it was my fourth concert, first was 1993, then 2006, 2008 and now. It was myb husband's first and he totally loved it!!!


I loved this tour. I'm sorta sad that it's coming to an end but she looks exhausted and needs some time off!

My favorite moments of the tour:
- HOLIDAY: She did it in Toronto and I was like a human pogo stick!
- LOVE SPENT: Glad She Added It
- The Celebration / Give It To Me Mashup should have been there from the start!
- Papa Don't Preach / Hung Up I really liked
- EXPRESS YOURSELF / BORN THIS WAY - a classic. Tastefully done and she really enjoyed herself.
- All MDNA songs: 200% live than on the album!
- The Opening: 'nuff said.

Michael Higginbotham

for once i can say i got to see her live in concert. the whole nite in houston October 24th was so amazing and I had met a few cool people there who help pass the time as we waited for her to come on.

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