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'Superstar' single cover in Brazil

A total of 80 entries of designs for the 'Superstar' single cover were sent to the Johnnie Walker 'Keep Walking Brazil' Project. Of these a shortlist of 30 artists were selected to participate in the workshop at the Museum of Image and Sound that resulted in the final cover by Siss being chosen in an online poll and by Madonna.

The CD single (featuring the Eddie Amador remix) will be available tomorrow (Monday 03 December) free with Brazilian newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo.

From Folha de S.Paulo


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I've finally found an MP3 of 'Supertar'( Eddie Amador Remix)& I have to confess that I LOVE THE REMIX!! The remix has a much better, bouncy dance beat & the 'ooh la la' refrain has been given a phone tone vocal effect that makes it sound catchy and not naff like the original- it's a great remix that is sadly both rare & hard to find thus it will be totally overlooked. Unfortunately, the free Brazil promo single for 'Superstar' is only being offered for sale by many sellers on Ebay for Very Expensive Amounts of Money!! I think the whole free 'Superstar' single for Brazil only concept is VERY UNFAIR to her true fans!


I agree that Guy O/ Live Nation is in part killing Madonna's career! What I find surprising is Madonna's behaviour in 2012- she has been in showbiz for 30 years so you think she would have a lot more intelligent ideas about how best to navigate her career for the best outcomes! Madonna MUST get her next album right, fingers crossed!! I do have to wonder though whether Madonna really cares about her musical achievements anymore- maybe she's happy & content with her past glory.


i don't like the cover and the song will not hit too much. maybe I'm a Sinner will do. I'm Addicted a dance hit too.


@Chris, thank you I did not know it was just a promo, thank God it is not a single! Of course Madonna kicks ass on tour, but it would be so AWESOME to actually hear our Queen on the radio when as we did when she ruled the airways!! Instead we're stuck listening over and over to Pink, Rhianna, Nicki Minaj, etc. She needs to fire Guy and hire all of her fans as her managers so we can ensure she rules again!!


its free with a newspaper!!!!!! i agree with you all-it would be a rubbish single choice-i skip it too,along with the awful'birthday song'!!! she should just forget about releasing anymore now from this album-the whole non promotion has been totally embarassing!! guy o seary should be gone too-madonna has NEVER not charted in the uk.guy & live nation are killing madonnas career!! just pay them both off-get out while you still have some fans


Again, the overall look is 'cheap'. Sums up the whole "M.D.N.A." era debacle.


I agree. I actually love MDNA but I do skip over Superstar when playing it. There is some excellent work on this record in both song melody and lyrics. The electrifying "I'm Addicted", the bouncy and 60s influenced "I'm a Sinner", the haunting and slightly celtic-influenced "Falling Free", and of course the stand-out "Gang Bang" (imagine the video that could go with it). I feel the singles released (although light and fun in their own right) do not represent the full flavour and artistry of MDNA.


This is a promo, not a commercial single...


If there is someone living in brazil who can get me this I would be so grateful


@Trish- I agree with your sentiments regarding the poor MDNA singles choices, apart from 'Girl Gone Wild' the other singles don't represent the overall sound of the MDNA LP, I don't get it! 'Superstar' is a poor single choice, I can hardly detect Lola's vocals on this unremarkable song, & the Brazil single cover is very sub-par 'Brainwash' style artwork.


Madonn as Wonderwoman, creative. WHY is 'Superstar' being released as a single???????????? She doesn't even sing this in concert and it is a VERY weak track on 'MDNA'. Where is 'Gang Bang' and "I'm Addicted'????? Even if these songs do not hit the top 40 charts they will at least get club play. Who the hell is ruining, I mean running Madonna's record??


I wish I lived in Brazil! Exactly WHERE will the 'Superstar' single/ remix be made available (outside of Brazil!)??? I live in Oz, I have checked the Oz I-Tunes store on 3/12 and it's not available or even mentioned!!! Here in Oz, even I-Tunes has failed to support ALL MDNA singles- her singles get released after some delay with zero promotion, needless to say they then go on to flop. The internet is meant to break down barriers in commerce, yet I-Tunes have made it that people in Oz can ONLY use their OZ store & not the far superior & cheaper US I-Tunes store!!

valeria portilla

deberian tener mas creacion que esto!

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