Madonna has 2012's highest grossing tour
Video: Buenos Aires 'Celebration' Soundcheck


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Ryan Latrell

It's going to be Major. I'm pretty sure designer Stevie Boi has designed pieces for madonna. I can see something made by him on the girls.

Chris Mayak

People bitching left and right-- No, she should not back down from using the guns and it is not in poor taste. What happened, happened and I certainley dont think Madonna influenced the horrible things that happened or maybe all of the other crazy movies that just came out last weekend? Maybe Bilbo Baggins should have joined hands with the white wizard and skipped through a field of Daisy's in the Hobbit. The violent Madonna is great and she has always had some edge of violence--I guess all are forgetting the Drowned World Tour? Domestic violence--she literally broke peoples necks on stage. Get over yourselfs and stop pointing the fucking finger every 5 seconds.


So, should every image, video, movie, television show, etc. with a gun be scrubbed from the airwaves?

What a farce! People should be up in arms about the state of mental health care in this country.

Madonna using guns in her imagery has no bearing on mentally ill people having better access to weapons than to care.


I agree with @Scott enough with the guns, & the whole violence thing!! During the wonderful late 80's/early 90's when Madonna was THE CENTRE of the pop cultural universe, she was asked about her 'Sex' book & other boundry pushing work & where she drew the line- Madonna said 'Violence'! Madonna clearly stated that she was Against Violence & it would NEVER be part of her work; she went on to explain that all her work dealt with aspects of LOVE & that her overall message was "Pro-Tolerence & Anti-Hate". For much of Madonna's Amazing career (83-00) she remained true to her word & violence was left well alone. Sadly, in 2001 Madonna began to make extreme violence part of her act, starting with 'WIFLFAG' Video & this continued into a segment of 'DWT' & 2 further music videos, & then she left it alone for years... until this year 2012. I LOVE Madonna, but I don't understand or like 'Violent Madonna'- as a long time fan it feels like a bit of a betrayal as it flies in the face of what she stood for over so many years. Thankfully violence has not yet become the entirety of her act/work, but I wish she didn't even offer it up at all.


agreed...there was a time when Madonna bashed Luke Perry for poising with a gun


this post was made before that massacre - anyways, she'll probably won't show the pics because of that, so you'll have something else to complain about


My Dear Madgesty,

This maybe ill time to make and release a video with guns, maybe put a flower on top of those guns...


ENOUGH with the guns... poor taste.


Where's Madonna? :)


love it!


I don't like this shot.... very ugly. A very poor time to post it as well.

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