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Santiago MDNA Show Shortened

A combination of a suspect package, torrential rain and Madonna feeling unwell meant that the show in Santiago, Chile last night (Tuesday 19 December) did not start until 11:35pm and several songs were cut from the show - including the whole opening section. The show started instead from 'Express Yourself'.

Here is a video clip of Madonna in the rain during the soundcheck of 'Human Nature' telling off fans for smoking in the audience.


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I was there.... she WAS cranky and "sick" during rehearsals. We waited in the cold rain for SEVEN hours and she did half of the show... and we had no explanation from madonna or the organizators... it was plain crap

Ignacio mitchell

To the people that are bashing madonna...if u hate her so much why do u take the time out of ur day to visit this site, read the article and then comment?? If u hate her that bad then let it be and move on... U sound like retards when u bash her on a MADONNA FAN SITE....


Who the hell has the right to tell someone in the open air to stop smoking if it is not illegal. A petulant pampered pop star who does not appreciate that a lot of people paid good money and may have gone to a lot of hassle to get there. And they only only 75% of the show and abuse. Disgusting.


I would be very upset if the whole show wasn't performed. I travelled to NYC at Yankee stadium and it rained so much we feared it would be cancelled. But I'd rather a cancel and refund then a half assed show.


good for her..yet she should have explained why

Gilbert U.

If you watch the other video clips (Like A Prayer & Celebration) from the Santiago, Chile show on this site it's clear that Madonna was in good spirits during the show. Until Madonna clears up during an interview whether or not she was 'cranky' during rehearsals we can speculate all we want.

If we all had cameras recording us every second at work I'm sure some of us would not be too impressed with our own behavior. Madonna hadn't reacted this way during the entire tour, but she's been known to lash out at times during her career. I simply view this as Madonna being Madonna whether you "Like It Or Not"!


Madonna was sick, the weather horrible. She should be praised for having performed a little bit shortest show. Less than 2% of the tickets holders are complaining. That is the reality, not the press usual deformation of the facts.


I seriously doubt she cut the first act due to the shootings in Connecticut. I live in Denver and she performed the entire show in full (without Holiday or Love Spent though) here. The Denver concert was a couple months after the shootings in Aurora though. Still according to news reports in Denver after the show, many people found the 'Transgression' section to be in very bad taste. However, I stick by Madonna - remember in Truth Or Dare/In Bed With Madonna? "Madonna released a statement saying she would rather cancel her show than alter it."


She would change it if it was told to her do so by her management and advisors. She probably didn't want to change it but did so under pressure which probably lead to her being pissed. This particular shooting is a very sensitive situation right now and many things will change because of it, not only Madonna's setlist. Of course that's not to excuse her behavior but she seemed to be in good spirits until now.


wow, you guys have no respect. even in NY i had to wait over 2 hours for the show to start. you know what... I don't care about waiting rain or shine....It's the best show i see all year. No other performer puts on a better show than Madonna. So to me it's worth the wait. Plus, i've read online that the Madonna fans at the chile show that got shortened were extremely rude to our Queen. They started chanting lady gaga and booing her.. Are you kidding me? you pull that stuff and then you expect her to be nice after that. You should be lucky she didn't cancel the show period and that she went to Chile in the first place. there was about 12-15 year span where madonna didn't visit south america at all. You should be happy that she's touring to south america for 2 tours....


I do agree with ngl to a point. I do think that live nation is working her to the brink and she is just plain tired. It's not easy to do what she does and she's tired. She's been touring for almost a year and she has never really done that extensive touring before this past decade. Even in the 80s'/90's when she did her three major tours WTG/BA/GS... She didn't tour for 8 months at a time. She only did four or five months. I also think live nation has a hand in where she is going. If it's not going to bring in the money they are not interested. That's also probably why she had to cancel the Australian and New zealand dates. She was all set to go and the dates were planned, but I'll bet you that live nation stopped it. Mainly to do with lack of profit. Live nation doesn't care about the fans and yet I think Madonna is unfortuantely getting caught in the crossfire. NGL is right...madonna rarely toured in the 80's and 90's and when she did it was a major event. I hate to say this because I'm a long standing madonna fan, but i wonder how much of her heart and soul is in the touring right now. The good news is that under contracual obligation with live nation she has to do three major tours and with this tour she has done that. So as far as I know she is completed that obligation part of the agreement I think she needs to take a break and find someone who does really care about her and her artistry. Live nation certainly doesn't care about her. Because Madonna would never behaved this way to her fans before she got in bed with live nation.


I'm astonished & disappointed with Madonna's behaviour- what a dreadful way to treat her fans! Imagine waiting until 11:35pm in the rain for the show to start & then it begins with the second act & a cranky Madonna!! You would think that Madonna would like to end the long & eventful tour on a positive note. I'm guessing that 'Live Nation' is working Madonna WAY too hard & she is lashing out big time- in the 80/90's Madonna toured rarely & for much shorter periods of time, and she used to complain that she hated touring & that she would never do it again because it was too hard (but she was always professional then)- however this past decade Madonna has toured more frequently & for longer & longer periods of time which is strange given her feelings about touring. None of this excuses her recent behaviour, I'm just trying to understand 'why'!


Madonna a desilusionado a sus fans aqui en Chile...a muchos les partió el corazón con su actitud agresiva e indiferente.
Si no le gusta que fumen entonces que no se presente en lugares en donde aun esas leyes no existen,ademas te puedes expresar de una mejor forma al momento de pedir que apaguen un cigarro si muchos de tus fans llevan mas de un día entero aguantando la lluvia para verte. Aquí en Chile las estradas eran mucho mas costosas que en los otros países y aun así el show parte TRES HORAS MAS TARDE, saltándose todo el primer acto y otro en la mitad del show.Fue despectiva y ademas se despide diciendo " Al fin se termino esta mierda"..nos sentimos estafados y decepcionados.. no existe ninguna excusa..ninguna. Ya es sabido que no es capaz de ni quiera brindar una sonrisa a sus admiradores que aguardar en los hoteles,etc.Pero ahora definitivamente queda expuesta la esencia de un ser humano frío y carente de amor.


if the matter is the shooting, unarmed and then sings solved. Madonna should postpone the show. That is right. she speaks of respect for human beings, but respect for people in Chile


_____It's arrogant and snotty to get upset with fans smoking in an OPEN AIR Concert, come one !!!_____ Pride will have a fall.

She forgot that all these people in the audience made her big, without them she would be nothing.

That makes her so antipathetic. It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice.


It was such a dissapointment to see Madonna at her worst in terms of health and attitude. Her voice was seriously impaired, and it was obvious she had trouble breathing at the beginning of the show. She should have cancelled it and re-schedule it for another day. Forget the money factor, there was no 'wow' factor anywhere, specially after we were left with no gang bang OR girl gone wild. The rain we would have had no problem putting up with (which was over about one hour before the show FINALLY started), it was her lacklaster presentation that will make us think twice about going to any other of her shows, and I've followed her since the 1980's!!! Damn shame.


She was a "c-u-n-t" here in Chile...She was very late (ok, it was raining) but she did a terrible thing, she totally cut off the whole FIRST PART of the show...she started the show with "Express Yourself" and so on !!
Madonna, your career is going down this time, sorry-y...
What anti-professionalism attitude !!


Oh please, she sang it as we'll as the whole gun toting opener after Aurora and then did IN Colorado. She didn't cancel the opening cuz of Connecticut. She cancelled it cuz she was pissed at the smoking. I've watched the footage a few times over the last few days and she doesn't sound sick at all when she's cursing out the smoker.


I agree with Bluegroove. I thought the same. Cutting out the first part of the show due to the guns had to do with the shooting in Connecticut. Maybe she should have explained that to her fans so they would understand. But now is not the time to be showing the first part of the show that has guns.


No quiero escuchar el nombre de Madonna por un largo tiempo, fue muy mal educada con el publico chileno, nos hizo esperar por mas de 2 horas, y lo peor que acorto el show, sin la devolucion de los tickets por el no cumplimiento del concierto.
fue increible el poco compromiso con sus fans, si estaba enferma cancela el concierto, pero no lo hizo, me dio mucha pena lo sucedido y mucha molestia.


the shortening had NOTHING to do with the shooting, trust me, Madonna ain't changing her show for ANYONE but her own self. It was prob. due to her not feeling well, the wet stage and her just not giving a crap at this point with 2 shows left.


i would be pissed i a huge portion of the show (including the opening, which she is known for) was cut!


This is not right! if you are a paying customer, you deserve to see the whole entire show. She should have rather cancel or postpone the show.
For Latina American fans, it is not easy to come up with that kind of money as we do in America.
Ok with the late start, but they should get refunded at least 1/2 of the ticket value..


The shortening of the set probably had more to do with the shooting in Connecticut. I'm sure they thought it was not the time to be singing Gang Bang. It was just easier to skip over it.

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