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December 2012

'Superstar' single cover in Brazil

A total of 80 entries of designs for the 'Superstar' single cover were sent to the Johnnie Walker 'Keep Walking Brazil' Project. Of these a shortlist of 30 artists were selected to participate in the workshop at the Museum of Image and Sound that resulted in the final cover by Siss being chosen in an online poll and by Madonna.

The CD single (featuring the Eddie Amador remix) will be available tomorrow (Monday 03 December) free with Brazilian newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo.

From Folha de S.Paulo

Events: Urban Dance League Finals

Sticky & Sweet tour dancer AntBoogie shares with madonnalicious readers the story behind the Urban Dance League, and invites people to come and watch the finals that take place in New York City on Sunday 09 December:

The Urban Dance League (U.D.L) is a professional sports league of organized street-dance competitions, classes, and showcases. The U.D.L presents professional dancing in the same arena as the professional sports and athletic world.
My entire life I have considered dancers as athletes. We train for years, while investing countless hours training in sessions, classes and rehearsals. We hone our craft, exercise all of our physical capabilities and sometimes defy them, pushing past the limits of the human body. As dancers, we withstand injuries and endure both treatment and rehabilitation. I would strongly contest with anyone who argued that dancers are not athletes.
Sports, by definition are all forms of competitive physical activity, which through casual or organized participation, aim to use, maintain or improve physical fitness and provide entertainment to participants; to be a professional dancer is to do and be all of these things. The foundation of the UDL is based on precisely that.

Please visit Urban Dance Tickets for the event can be bought in advance from:

Madonna Complains After Giving Up Alcohol For Tour

Queen of Pop Madonna has revealed she has successfully given up alcohol in a bid to stay in shape for her mammoth MDNA tour, but admits that the sacrifice has made her life 'boring.'
The 'Girl Gone Wild' singer kicked off the tour to promote her latest album MDNA in May this year, and has seen travel to the United Arab Emirates, Europe and North and South America.
It seems that Madonna has been forced to find new hobbies to occupy her downtime during the mammoth trek, as she quit alcohol at the start of the tour to ensure she was able to give her best performance.
'Since my tour started I haven't had one drink, absolutely nothing. My life is so boring right now. I might have one when I get to Brazil though,' Madonna told Brazilian TV show Caldeirao do Huck.
Madonna's tour is set to end on December 22, with the final show taking place in Cordoba, Argentina.

From OMG! Yahoo! News

Madonna’s conical corsets sell for £48,000

Two of Madonna’s conical bra stage costumes sold for just over £48,000 at a London auction.
The star’s outfits were among more than 150 items that went under the hammer during the pop culture sale at Christie’s auction house in South Kensington on Thursday.
Designed by Jean Paul Gaultier, the green and white couture corset with conical bra cups, beaded fringing and striped sequined embroidery became one of Madonna’s most famous outfits when she slid off a black gown and revealed it on her 1990 Blond Ambition tour in Barcelona’s Olympic Stadium after performing Sooner or Later.
Valued between £10,000 and £15,000, it sold for £32,450 to the same private bidder who then snapped up another costume worn by the singer on the same night as she sang Vogue.
The two-piece outfit, comprising a black satin bustier with top-stitched conical cups, which was worn underneath a black all-in-one suit with lycra shorts, stitched to a mesh bodice, fetched £16,250.