Santiago MDNA Show Shortened
Congratulations Madonna and MDNA

'MDNA' #2 Billboard Dance/Electronic Album of 2012

'MDNA' ranks #2 for the year on Billboard's Dance/Electronic Album Year End chart compilation,which are ranked by sales data as compiled by Nielsen Sounscan.

The Top Ten are as follows:

1) 'Sorry For The Party Rocking' / LMFAO
2) 'MDNA' / Madonna
3) 'Bangarang' (EP) / Skrillex
4) 'Born This Way' / Lady Gaga
5) 'Nothing But The Beat' / David Guetta
6) 'The Path of Totality' / Korn
7) 'Scary Monster and Nice Sprites (EP)' / Skrillex
8) 'Wild Ones' / Flo rida
9) 'Hurry,Were Dreaming' / M83
10)'4x4=12' / deadmus5

From - thanks to Micheal


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I own 5 albums in this chart! However IMHO only a few in this list are really good/great albums -namely 'David Guetta', 'Flo Rida', 'MDNA', 'Bangarang: Skrillex'- while I'm not a huge fan of the 'MDNA' LP, it's the Best Album from the list & it should be number 1! I can't believe 'LMFAO' made it to number 1, correct me if I'm wrong but this group has now split?? A number of great Dance/ Electronic albums were released this year, but sadly they didn't make the list.

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