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Madonna’s brother doesn’t regret writing a tell-all book

After working 25 years with his sister, Christopher Ciccone, 51, felt the urge to tell the world a few stories about his famous sibling despite knowing it would damage their relationship.
And indeed it did, Madonna, 54, fell out with her brother after he wrote the revealing tome 'My Life With My Sister Madonna' in 2008 but the pair have now repaired their relationship and Christopher has no regrets.
'It was something I needed to do so I didn’t go crazy. I needed to crawl out from that shadow.'
'It’s been a bumpy road back. It’s a brother/sister thing now, which is great and where it needed to go.'
The designer admitted it took time for Madonna to forgive him about the book but he believes the experience has been good for him and her.
'It’s taken a bit to get there, as I understand, but she’s my sister and from this point on it’s us as brother and sister.'
'It’s great to reconnect and it wasn’t just with her, after the book I really got the chance to reconnect with my family as well.'



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He never makes the news unless his sister's name is connected to the story. He needs to just go apply for desk jobs and stop acting so desperate for attention.


His career peaked back in the Lucky Star video.


It's sad he had to use her sister again to make money.


Interesting reading your comments. I of course had to buy the book being a huge Madonna fan and wanting to find out if there was any little something about Madonna we didn't know. This book really did not have much to do with Madonna as it did with Christopher himself. This book was almost like an auto-biography of Christoher Ciccone than it was a tell all about being Madonna's brother. I'm glad I read it to say that yes I've read it, but anything telling about Madonna, I don't think so. Yawn, moving on now...


Very sad! He only wanted $$ by using his famous sister! I doubt very much that Madonna will every trust or bring him close to her again.


I think he wrote the book to free himself. Please if you can't admit her borderline personality disorder then you really can't explain her fame. But the thing is she tried to run his life and he finally said I've finally had enough. She's great but please she's got issues.


i think his book was a bit pointless-i didnt really learn anything new from it at all.all it really achieved was making him look quite bad-he ended up appearing bitter,jealous & ultimately-a sell out,cashing in on his sisters is very hard to regain a real bond with siblings when you fall out-i know-but in such a dramatic public way too!! he keeps insisting theyre all friends again now-but i have seen no evidance from madonnas side on this-no pictures,words-nothing!! 'dont forget that your family is gold' xxx


Oh Christopher! You can try and explain away selling out your sister... oops I mean your book, but what you did was wrong, wrong, wrong! If Christopher thinks his trusted relationship with his famous sister will be repaired after the book then he is sadly mistaken- Madonna from now on will wonder when she is around Christoper if he will betray her again & will always be guarded.


it's a shame he had to write a tell all book about M so that he could 'crawl out from that shadow'.

He was glad to ride on her coat tails, she gave him many opportunities, designing her homes, tours, and single covers. Does he really think that he would have been able to do any of that if he wasn't her brother?

That's all he will still be remembered as, the brother who sold her out.

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