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Madonna Complains After Giving Up Alcohol For Tour

Queen of Pop Madonna has revealed she has successfully given up alcohol in a bid to stay in shape for her mammoth MDNA tour, but admits that the sacrifice has made her life 'boring.'
The 'Girl Gone Wild' singer kicked off the tour to promote her latest album MDNA in May this year, and has seen travel to the United Arab Emirates, Europe and North and South America.
It seems that Madonna has been forced to find new hobbies to occupy her downtime during the mammoth trek, as she quit alcohol at the start of the tour to ensure she was able to give her best performance.
'Since my tour started I haven't had one drink, absolutely nothing. My life is so boring right now. I might have one when I get to Brazil though,' Madonna told Brazilian TV show Caldeirao do Huck.
Madonna's tour is set to end on December 22, with the final show taking place in Cordoba, Argentina.

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There are very conflicting reports about M and alcohol. Some say she never drinks, other say that she does. I know for a fact when she lived in London that her and Guy would often get through a couple of bottles of wine over dinner in a restaurant (my friend work in one of the restaurants she used to visit a lot)...


Madonna's comments at times perplex me- she rarely drinks alcoholic drinks, & when she does it's a 'Lemon-Drop' as she sang about in 'Superpop'. Madonna only had the tiniest sip of champagne on 'Ellen' show. Madonna pretends to be a 'bad-girl' with vices, but really Madonna doesn't have any self destructive tendencies- she is a savvy survivor.


And on the interview with an Brazilian reporter,she promised to party with the Brazilians, when she had arrived. And since she doesn´t go on stage before tomorrow, (I am sitting here i Denmark, Europe), she MIGHT had, since she has had two days to recover! ;-)


When on Ellen's show, Ellen poured & served Madonna a glass of her favorite bottle of champagne, and I recall she drank some.

valeria portilla


despues de todo esto va a terminar
y madonna va a descansar

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