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Madonna and Hathaway 'to serenade Valentino'

Madonna and Anne Hathaway are reportedly planning to duet at a New Year's Eve party tonight.
The stars will be welcoming the start of 2013 in Gstaad, an exclusive mountain resort in Switzerland. Designer Valentino and his partner Giancarlo Giammetti have invited the pair to their lavish bash at the members-only Eagle Ski Club. According to the New York Post, Madonna and Anne may even team up to treat their fashion icon host to a tune when the clock strikes midnight.
'Rumours are flying that both Madonna and Anne Hathaway will take turns serenading the legendary designer, and they might even do a duet at midnight,' a source told the publication.
Anne - who has impressed critics with her performance in the new musical movie Les Misérables - will be accompanied by her husband Adam Shulman. Madonna is believed to be taking her teenage daughter Lourdes along.
The party promises to be an unforgettable experience.
Valentino is sparing no expense on the event and has reportedly splashed out 500,000 euros so far. Guests are flying in from all over the world to attend the bash. They will be treated to caviar, champagne, live music and a stunning firework display.


2012 Top Worldwide Tours

'Pollstar' has just released its exclusive 2012 Top 50 Worldwide Tours Chart as a preview to its full year-end research coming in early January.
This is the only concert industry chart that covers the entire calendar year. All figures have been converted to U.S. dollars and represent the total face-value gross ticket sales for all dates played. The Pollstar database includes specific sales figures for nearly 90 percent of all shows worked by the top attractions and projections were made for any of the unreported dates.
Madonna grossed $296.1 million to easily claim the No. 1 spot on the chart. Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band claimed the second slot at $210.2 million. Both acts played to more than 2 million fans in 2012. Roger Waters generated $186.4 million to come in at No. 3. He is also the highest ranking hold-over from the 2011 chart where he placed No. 5 with a gross of $103.6 million.
Proving there is a global diversity of attractions, only 13 artists from 2011 made this year’s Top 50. It is also worth noting that the global brand strength of Cirque du Soleil has never been greater with eight different touring shows ranking on the chart.
The Top 50 Worldwide Tours did a combined gross of $3 billion, which was down about 2 percent from $3.07 billion in 2011.
Total tickets sold was 34.9 million which continued the decline from 35.48 million the previous year and is well off the pace from 2009 when the Top 50 sold 45.3 million. The average global ticket price was $85.93 which was down 60 cents from last year but still well above the $73.83 charged in the more robust year of 2009.
Pollstar’s full research package including the Top 200 Tours of 2012, most active venues and concert promoters, and analysis of the worldwide industry is scheduled for release on Jan. 4.

The full list of the 2012 Top 50 worldwide tours chart can be viewed here.


Madonna Lands 2012'S Best-selling Album In Russia

Madonna may have caused controversy during her trip to Russia this year but her headline-grabbing antics helped her land the country's best-selling album of 2012.
The pop superstar's latest record Mdna has been named number one in the Russian end-of-year album chart, ahead of British singer Adele and her super-selling hit 21 and Lana Del Rey with Born To Die, who landed at four and five on the countdown respectively, according to
Madonna took her MDNA tour to Russia in August and she was subsequently hit with a $10.5 million (£6.5 million) lawsuit by activists who claimed she illegally promoted homosexuality at her show in St. Petersburg by handing out pink wristbands in support of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (Lgbt) community.
The lawsuit was subsequently dismissed.
Madonna also hit headlines in Russia in 2012 by speaking out in support of members of punk band Pussy Riot who were jailed for performing a song railing against President Vladimir Putin in February.


buildOn & Raising Malawi Complete 10 Schools in Malawi

This year buildOn partnered with Madonna and Raising Malawi to build ten schools in villages chosen from a list of communities in need of new infrastructure. We said we would build all ten schools within 18 months. We did it in 12!
Malawi is one of the economically poorest countries on the planet; only 12% of women complete secondary education and nearly half of adult women are illiterate. Literacy is a life-changing gift that will transform the futures of girls and boys across Malawi and that will change the economic future of their nation.
Over 4,800 children in Malawi will receive an education at a buildOn school in their own village. Six of the schools are already in use and all ten will be up and running in January 2013. These students will no longer have to walk miles to reach a school in a neighboring village. They no longer have to learn math under a tree, or study their ABC’s under a thatched roof. They can go to class even when it rains. And because of our focus on gender equality, girls will attend the schools in equal numbers to boys.
'I am overjoyed that my commitment along with buildOn’s to help educate the children of Malawi has come to fruition. In a country where girls have little opportunity for education, it’s additionally inspiring to know that more than half the students attending will be young girls. The fact that nearly 5,000 children in Malawi will get to go to school next year is a tremendous step forward for their individual growth and the growth of Malawi,' commented Madonna in a press release.

To read more about the schools visit

Drama in Cordoba: 'It was like the world had ended'

Jamesy from fellow fansite fills madonnalicious readers on the drama that happened when the lights went out at the last MDNA show in Cordoba on Saturday:

So I go all the way to Córdoba, Argentina for the FINAL MDNA SHOW hoping there might be some surprises but NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING could have prepared me for the drama that unfolded there tonight. UNBELIEVABLE to see a stadium concert in front of 50 thousand people plunged into darkness mid-stream. Then for a FULL HOUR **NOTHING** except emergency lighting - Madonna with a hand-held loudspeaker close to tears and no-one knowing what was gonna happen next. It was like the world had ended or something. Madonna looked SO UPSET.

Emergency lights came on and for another minute or so Madonna and co kept singing and dancing and then realised what had happened. No-one in the stadium could hear anything. All video screens went black.

Then she got given a handheld loudspeaker - which didn't work. She tried talking to the people in the Golden Triangle and then in the Gold Circle - no-one could hear anything - it was utter chaos and madness.

After an HOUR they started it again with Vogue. She apologised beautifully before Like A Virgin and then SMOKED A CIGARETTE during the song - she got someone in the audience to LIGHT IT FOR HER!

Aside from that - a few jokes played during the rest of the show (with it being the last one). Looked like they put something in her drink for Human Nature and the dancers wore funny wigs and glasses during Like A Prayer. Also no masks were worn for Best Friend / Heartbeat interlude.

'MDNA' #2 Billboard Dance/Electronic Album of 2012

'MDNA' ranks #2 for the year on Billboard's Dance/Electronic Album Year End chart compilation,which are ranked by sales data as compiled by Nielsen Sounscan.

The Top Ten are as follows:

1) 'Sorry For The Party Rocking' / LMFAO
2) 'MDNA' / Madonna
3) 'Bangarang' (EP) / Skrillex
4) 'Born This Way' / Lady Gaga
5) 'Nothing But The Beat' / David Guetta
6) 'The Path of Totality' / Korn
7) 'Scary Monster and Nice Sprites (EP)' / Skrillex
8) 'Wild Ones' / Flo rida
9) 'Hurry,Were Dreaming' / M83
10)'4x4=12' / deadmus5

From - thanks to Micheal

Santiago MDNA Show Shortened

A combination of a suspect package, torrential rain and Madonna feeling unwell meant that the show in Santiago, Chile last night (Tuesday 19 December) did not start until 11:35pm and several songs were cut from the show - including the whole opening section. The show started instead from 'Express Yourself'.

Here is a video clip of Madonna in the rain during the soundcheck of 'Human Nature' telling off fans for smoking in the audience.

Madonna Rules's Readers Poll 2012

One year after pop divas like Britney Spears, Adele and Lady Gaga ruled the 2011 Readers' Poll, Madonna dominated the competition in the 2012 edition of our year-end fan forum. Once readers weighed in on their favorite artists, songs and albums over the past 12 months, Madonna emerged as the 2012 MVP, and came out on top in four other categories.

2012 MVP (Favorite Artist)
1. Madonna (26%)

Favorite Billboard 200 No. 1
1. Madonna 'MDNA' (12%)

Best Tour
1. Madonna (43%)

Best TV Performance
1. Madonna at the Super Bowl (38%)

Most Memorable Feud
1. Madonna vs. Lady Gaga (57%)

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Madonna's MDNA is top tour of 2012

Madonna's controversial MDNA tour is the top-selling tour of 2012, it has been revealed.
The Queen of Pop's world tour, which has made headlines since it started in Tel Aviv in May, is the highest grossing tour of the year, banking around 228 million US dollars, reported
The 72-date tour, which saw the 54-year-old singer flash some flesh on stage, was considered a huge success despite the controversies, because all the gigs sold out.
Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band came second on the list, followed by Roger Waters in third place.
Madonna beat some of the hottest tickets around including Coldplay, Lady Gaga and Watch The Throne collaborators Jay-Z and Kanye West, who also made the top 10.
Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift made it into the top 25 with their tours, which raked in less because they played less shows than Madonna.

From Press Association Via Yahoo! News

Madonna has 2012's highest grossing tour

Madonna's massive, controversy-skirting MDNA tour has paid off: the Material Girl raked in $228 million from the live shows, making her muscular jaunt around the world the year's highest grossing tour, Billboard reports.
Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band were a somewhat distant second, claiming a total of $199 million after playing to a little more than two million people. The rest of the top five: Roger Waters at $186 million; Cirque Du Soleil's "Michael Jackson: THE IMMORTAL World Tour" with $147 million; and Coldplay, clocking $147 million. Out of those elite five, only Waters placed on last year's list - the founding member of Pink Floyd filed close to $150 million as 2011's tour revenue.


Material Girl exclusive behind the scenes look at MDNA tour

From the Material Girl Collection blog at

The Material Girl team has been provided with NEVER BEFORE SEEN pictures of the 'quick change area' under the stage for the MDNA tour! These pictures are the from the last United States MDNA show in Miami, Florida. We had so much fun hanging out with M and her dancers behind the scenes. Take a look!

Madonna's brother talks more about their relationship

Madonna and her brother Christopher Ciccone have repaired their fractured relationship after four years of bickering.
The siblings fell out with each other in 2008 following the publication of Ciccone's memoir, Life With My Sister Madonna, in which he accused the pop star of cheating on her then-husband Guy Ritchie with baseball star Alex Rodriguez, but it appears brother and sister have since put their differences aside.
The interior decorator tells In Touch magazine, '(The book) was just my desire to tear away from that and find my own way and get people to understand my involvement in that world and what it was about.'
'It's taken us a while to get back to brother and sister and to a good place, but we're there now... She's been on the road, so we email each other. I actually went to see her recent show in L.A. It was great. I can't imagine that she's still working that hard. It's amazing.'

From OK! Magazine

Adam Lambert excited to sing Madonna track at VH1 DIVAS

VH1 Divas host Adam Lambert spilled some major beans in the office today when pumped for info about the event! Wearing remnants of a Movember ’stache and some serious wrist candy, Adam let slip that he was 'allegedly' chosen by Madonna‘s camp to cover one of her songs for the show. Yup, just like a prayer, Adam’s voice will be taking us there next Sunday.
The 'proud Madonna fan' stopped short of revealing which Madge hit he’ll perform, but Adam did give us the low-down on what tackling a track by that iconic diva means to him. Which Madonna song do you think he’ll glam rock the best? Tell us in the comments, and watch December 16 at 9PM ET/8C to see the performance along with the rest of Divas lineup.

To watch the Adam interview visit

Madonna concerts outsell Lady GaGa 3 to 1 in Latin America

The statistic is even more surprising when taking into account the fact that tickets for Madonna's 'MDNA' shows are three times as expensive as those for GaGa's concerts.
The Examiner reports that GaGa's South American dates have had lacklustre sales considering the size of the venues she was booked into.
GaGa claimed her Peru show had an audience of 50,000, whereas actual ticket sales were reported to be around 17,000, with many tickets for the show being given away free as part of a buy-one-get-one-free deal.
Many of GaGa's Latin American shows also suffered from similarly low turnouts. However, Madonna regularly played in the same area to sold-out crowds of more than 55,000.
GaGa's tours have fared much better in Europe and South Africa, and the 26-year-old is set to launch her 'Born This Way Ball' tour in North America next month.

From Digital Spy

Madonna’s brother doesn’t regret writing a tell-all book

After working 25 years with his sister, Christopher Ciccone, 51, felt the urge to tell the world a few stories about his famous sibling despite knowing it would damage their relationship.
And indeed it did, Madonna, 54, fell out with her brother after he wrote the revealing tome 'My Life With My Sister Madonna' in 2008 but the pair have now repaired their relationship and Christopher has no regrets.
'It was something I needed to do so I didn’t go crazy. I needed to crawl out from that shadow.'
'It’s been a bumpy road back. It’s a brother/sister thing now, which is great and where it needed to go.'
The designer admitted it took time for Madonna to forgive him about the book but he believes the experience has been good for him and her.
'It’s taken a bit to get there, as I understand, but she’s my sister and from this point on it’s us as brother and sister.'
'It’s great to reconnect and it wasn’t just with her, after the book I really got the chance to reconnect with my family as well.'


Billboard Reader Poll to find 2012's Best (and Worst)

December has snuck up on us, and that means another eventful year in pop music is drawing to a close. The past 12 months have offered some unforgettable moments, from the joy of discovering new music phenomenons to the sadness brought on by the passing of some of our favorite stars. With 2012 nearly in the books, it's your turn to decide the most memorable songs, albums, performances, videos, fashion choices and shocking moments in our Year In Music Awards.

Cast your vote before the poll closes on December 14. The winners will be announced on December 17 on!

To vote for Madonna (who is featured in several categories) visit

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MDNA Rocks in Rio

The MDNA tour hit Rio de Janeiro last night for one show - before heading onto Sao Paulo for the two shows on Tuesday and Wednesday.

MDNA guitarist Monte Pittman shared these pictures on his twitter account from the soundcheck and just before the show started in Rio last night.

Please keep sharing your pictures/videos from the South America leg of the MDNA tour to us at [email protected]

Madonna reveals tour secrets

Madonna uses a nebuliser to keep her voice in top shape on her 'MDNA' tour.
The 54-year-old singer relies on bag of medical items, such as a facial steamer, and natural remedies to ensure she can perform to her best every night and after a concert she inhales a special saline mist to hydrate her throat.
In an interview on Brazilian TV show 'Caldeirao do Huck' - which was conducted in the bathroom of a Miami hotel room - she said: 'Here in the toilet I have my facial streamer, with eucalyptus, to calm down my voice. I also get some ice on my knee, because my knees hurt a little bit after 88 shows, that's why dancing in high heels is not recommended! The tea is for my throat it is made with tree bark and cinnamon, lemon and honey things that are soothing.'
'This is my nebuliser - I sometimes have to hit it to work - it has a saline solution which hydrates my vocal cords.'
Madonna also has several other items she can't do without when she is on the road and she relies on a 1980s cassette player to do her vocal exercises.
The 'Hung Up' hitmaker gets sent tapes by her vocal coach in New York to warm up to and she won't upgrade to modern MP3 files because she says the recordings don't then work as well.
She revealed: 'My vocal coach in New York makes me cassettes for warm-ups and cool downs. This is how you survive a hundred shows. If I put on an iPad it doesn't work, you have to stop, it doesn't flow. And you have to put headphones on and then you can't hear your voice in the room. Maybe this technology will make a comeback.'

From Monsters and Critics