The final soundcheck!
Video: 'Holiday' in Cordoba after the lights went out

Drama in Cordoba: 'It was like the world had ended'

Jamesy from fellow fansite fills madonnalicious readers on the drama that happened when the lights went out at the last MDNA show in Cordoba on Saturday:

So I go all the way to Córdoba, Argentina for the FINAL MDNA SHOW hoping there might be some surprises but NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING could have prepared me for the drama that unfolded there tonight. UNBELIEVABLE to see a stadium concert in front of 50 thousand people plunged into darkness mid-stream. Then for a FULL HOUR **NOTHING** except emergency lighting - Madonna with a hand-held loudspeaker close to tears and no-one knowing what was gonna happen next. It was like the world had ended or something. Madonna looked SO UPSET.

Emergency lights came on and for another minute or so Madonna and co kept singing and dancing and then realised what had happened. No-one in the stadium could hear anything. All video screens went black.

Then she got given a handheld loudspeaker - which didn't work. She tried talking to the people in the Golden Triangle and then in the Gold Circle - no-one could hear anything - it was utter chaos and madness.

After an HOUR they started it again with Vogue. She apologised beautifully before Like A Virgin and then SMOKED A CIGARETTE during the song - she got someone in the audience to LIGHT IT FOR HER!

Aside from that - a few jokes played during the rest of the show (with it being the last one). Looked like they put something in her drink for Human Nature and the dancers wore funny wigs and glasses during Like A Prayer. Also no masks were worn for Best Friend / Heartbeat interlude.


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I agree with @Tracy- well said! Apart from 'Masterpiece' winning a well deserved award, & Madonna's Brilliant 'Superbowl Performance' that took place at the beginning of 2012, I also wish to erase Madonna 2012 from my memory. Nevertheless, I live in hope & fingers crossed Madonna will Reinvent herself back into more peoples's hearts & music collections in the future. Separate Topic- I wish Madonna's record label would Re-Release Special Editions of her old albums, after they had been Remastered & a Few Bonus Tracks were added to each (they did a Brilliant Job on this front with 'Madonna', 'Like A Virgin', 'True Blue' in '01 & then they just stopped)- this would help tide her fans over in 2013. Does anyone know if Madonna owns the rights to her music from her previous record label 82-09?? (MJ didn't own his music, yet he owned the 'Beatles' etc catalogue). I hope for Madonna's sake she does own her back catalogue of music.


She is such a hypocrite, as she has a go at her fans for smoking during the rehearsals and then she has one herself!

I agree Tracy 2012 was not her year, very bad publicity, does not give a damn about her fans especially making them wait for over 2 hours as I experienced that in Istanbul.

She needs to respect us fans as she has lost so many since her queen of pop days.

Good luck in 2013....


And so we say Goodbye to M's most controversial tour, and not controversial in a good way. A lazy album, appalling promotion by Guy Oseary AND M, and the contempt shown by M for her fans with her outrageously "I can't really be bothered to perform" late arrivals on stage.

Here's to the next tour and album: let's hope both are great and show some interest from M.

Like a lot of fans, I will erase the 2012 debacle from my memory.

Happy Chrtistmas to one and all xxx


It's funny that the person who wrote this article is the only one at the show that makes it into a negative. Everyone thats responded has said how great and memorable it was.

I wasn't there but I like that she and the dancers sang and danced for the audience. What would any other performer do? Probably hang out backstage til everything was back on.

This made for a memorable show, for the fans and for Madonna and her crew!


Please guys, get your facts straight. I was there. The power failure was not due to a power outage in the stadium. The stadium lights never went out, in fact they were turned on while the technicians were trying to figure out what happened. The problem was a failure in the power generator that is part of the equipment that belongs to the Madonna Tour infrastructure.

Christian Rodriguez

I went to all the concerts in Argentina. They took place in Buenos Aires and the last one in Cordoba Province for the first time. I agree with the comment that says it was a bad moment, but Argentina and Madonna have been having a close relationship all through the years with the argentine audiences and fans. What happened yesterday in Cordoba proved that Argentina loves her, and no matter the problems could appear we ll always support her. Cause as Madonna said yesterday, We have no electricity, but we have love!!!!


Madonna was the ULTIMATE PROFESSIONAL throughout everything that happened.

She could not possibly have handled the situation any better than she did. SHE WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!


You gotta remember that outside the GT there was no sound AT ALL.

No-one knew she was doing Holiday or what she was saying or anything.

All was darkness except in the distance Madonna and all her dancers standing or dancing around while just crowd noise around. It was very very very very strange! But very exciting too.

I checked the times on my camera (I was filming) and a full hour passed between the point at which the power went off - and the point at which the show started again with Vogue.


ok love her to bits, but the other day she was having a massive go at people smoking outside and she smokes a cigarette on stage while singing....? lol


Puta como la cagan en la Argentine siendo el ultimo show!! I will be so up set with the issue about the light. but Madonna knows better how to move a show to a higher level. MDNA IS OVER, BUT I HAVE TO THANK YOU MADONNA FOR A GREAT YEAR,MUSIC AND SHOW MY DREAMS HAS BEEN COMPLETE. i LOVE YOU


I was, and let me tell you, it was her best show ever. And when the lights went down and the music stopped and Madonna almost cried Argentinians started to sing "we love you, we love you" and Madonna was so grateful and she said "we may have no electricity but we still have love, you're best fans I have in the world, God bless you all". She realized that no one was going to be mad at her, instead we supported her in her worst moment. I'm so proud of being Argentinian and I was so damn lucky to by in that show, it was something out of this world. Unique.




i dont agree at all...of course it was a hard moment, but i was in the GT, and we all knew what was going on..and everybody sang Holiday with Madonna..half an hour later the show went on...and it was amazing

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