'MDNA' #2 Billboard Dance/Electronic Album of 2012
Video: 'Like A Prayer' in Chile


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What the hell are you talking about?

Ignacio mitchell

OMG IT'S CALLED A MADONNA FAN SITE for a reason, if u don't like her then stay off the site, go to cher's website or gaga's... And for ur info madonna ran late with the last 2 tours and they all broke records....do u visit a MADONNA FAN SITE to read what madonna's doing next? U must be a fan if u take the time to visit a MADONNA FAN SITE??


I Totally agree with @jeffrey- well said! Madonna's next live venture really needs to be an Ultra-Spectacular, Greatest Hits (performed the way we know & LOVE them), Amazing New Outfits & Attitude Tour! Madonna will be required to appear on time & pretend to care about her fans & have gratitude. Sadly, I think her 'Live Nation' deal will require her to tour again in 2014 & for vast periods of time... under these circumstances I can't see Madonna's attitude/ act changing much. Shame Madonna doesn't have Christopher Ciccone,Donna D & Nikki Harris anymore- they were 'real' with Madonna & helped bring out the best in her. It seems to me that Madonna stopped caring about people's attitudes towards her & having humility the more she got involved with the 'Kabbalah' faith.

paul harvey

I am so glad that she was not touring the Unites States when the shooting in conneticut took place.She would have to alter the amount of violence at the opening.However,knowing her she would not, saying she is an artist and this is the way she chooses to express her artistic freedom.That argument would not fly judging by the pulse of this grieving nation.


As much as I love Madonna, I agree with will. She will have to do a mea culpa and do a greatest hits tour next time, and I mean all the huge hits, if she wants to fill the arenas next tour. I hope that she waits a few years before she tours again unless Live Nation forces her to tour sooner rather than later, and she needs to start no later than 9:30pm. I fear she alienated alot of her casual fans with her behaviour on this tour, and the video of her scolding that smoker is appalling. That was not a good side of her to show in such a public way. She should also top out her ticket prices around the $200 range. All that aside, I totally enjoyed the MDNA show in Atlanta. Still LUV MDNA!


That tardiness will hurt her for her next tour.

mdna...always late

It will also go down in history as the tour when M showed her utter contempt for her fans, with start times later than any concert ever.


yes. bow down to one and only true queen: Madonna.

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