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buildOn & Raising Malawi Complete 10 Schools in Malawi

This year buildOn partnered with Madonna and Raising Malawi to build ten schools in villages chosen from a list of communities in need of new infrastructure. We said we would build all ten schools within 18 months. We did it in 12!
Malawi is one of the economically poorest countries on the planet; only 12% of women complete secondary education and nearly half of adult women are illiterate. Literacy is a life-changing gift that will transform the futures of girls and boys across Malawi and that will change the economic future of their nation.
Over 4,800 children in Malawi will receive an education at a buildOn school in their own village. Six of the schools are already in use and all ten will be up and running in January 2013. These students will no longer have to walk miles to reach a school in a neighboring village. They no longer have to learn math under a tree, or study their ABC’s under a thatched roof. They can go to class even when it rains. And because of our focus on gender equality, girls will attend the schools in equal numbers to boys.
'I am overjoyed that my commitment along with buildOn’s to help educate the children of Malawi has come to fruition. In a country where girls have little opportunity for education, it’s additionally inspiring to know that more than half the students attending will be young girls. The fact that nearly 5,000 children in Malawi will get to go to school next year is a tremendous step forward for their individual growth and the growth of Malawi,' commented Madonna in a press release.

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I'm glad these schools have been built. I'm so glad this has worked out for the children most of all. Malawi needs all the help it can get.

I knew she could get it done, I'm so proud of her. Congratulations and best of luck to those kids.


Bravo Madonna! It's Wonderful to hear about Madonna putting her spiritual beliefs into practical actions- this is the side of Madonna I LOVE the most, 'INSPIRATIONAL MADONNA'!! I find it disappointing that the mainstream media rarely talk about & praise Madonna for her many charitable works- when we are forever hearing about Angelina & Oprah's good works! Madonna has been charitable for her entire career- this is evident in a previous article on this website about 'Santa Baby' a charity single from 1985 (as well as 'Live Aid' from that same year)- I could go on & on but I won't, suffice to say Madonna has an ongoing positive track record regarding charitable deeds that appear to go unmentionted in the mainstream media. Madonna's artistic/ theatrical desire at times to push peoples buttons with her work tends to cast a complete shadow over her many, many good works- Madonna should receive a medal from the Queen (the other one, not herself!) for her good works, I mean Mick Jagger & Elton John have titles/awards, so I think it's long overdue!!!

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