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Billboard Reader Poll to find 2012's Best (and Worst)

December has snuck up on us, and that means another eventful year in pop music is drawing to a close. The past 12 months have offered some unforgettable moments, from the joy of discovering new music phenomenons to the sadness brought on by the passing of some of our favorite stars. With 2012 nearly in the books, it's your turn to decide the most memorable songs, albums, performances, videos, fashion choices and shocking moments in our Year In Music Awards.

Cast your vote before the poll closes on December 14. The winners will be announced on December 17 on!

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If there's ONE award Madonna deserves to win more then any other it's hands down the Super Bowl Performance. I'll never forget being in a state of euphoria on witnessing what an amazing spectacle that was!


@Phil- You do raise some valid points, while I stand by what I have said you are correct that we can't entirely blame the state of the music industry for Madonna's career slide. If you read my post closely you will notice I praised the CD (parts of it!) but I didn't praise the 'MDNA Tour' because it was a lacklustre affair that doesn't hold a candle when compared to her previous brilliant tours. Yes I agree the 'Confessions' LP & Tour were AMAZING & I agree with your final sentence, Madonna needs to reassess! However, despite what we may feel/ wish it is possible that Madonna doesn't care about being a cutting edge, best selling musical artist after all these years- she may be happy & content with her past musical glory & present life as a mother etc. Only time will tell what the future holds for Madonna, but if she does want to be Number 1 again then she can't afford to release a third in a row poorly received album. I do hope Madonna has a bright future, as a long-time huge fan it kind of kills me to see the way things have turned out for her in recent years.


@ngl: if artistes produce music that people want to buy, they will buy it. Unfortunately, IMHO, M has realeased two dreadful studio albums back to back. Confessions was an AMAZING album and it sold accordingly. We need to be honest, it is not just the "state" of the music industry; no, it is also the dreadful music that many established artistes are being flippin' lazy enough to churn out, knowing that they will still sell out tours. Madonna has become a really lazy artiste, both musically and, dare I say it, even from the tour perspective. And, no - touring for six months does not exempt you fro the lazy category if the content is still lazy... As it surely was with the MDNA tour. M needs to get right back to the drawing board and reassess where she sees her musical direction should go, rather than piggybacking on old trends as she has done of late.


'MDNA' LP was a good album, just not a great album- it was a very 'uneven' LP in terms of style & quality. I think the LP had a number of Great Songs that should have been released as Singles- poor single choices, poor management, the lack of support & promotion from a Big Record company & sadly ageism killed 'MDNA' chances of wider success. Madonna is capable of making a much better album than 'MDNA', however it is by no means a dreadful LP & it's a lot better than many other LP's released this year! The 'MDNA' LP's poor sales performance should be considered in the context of the year 2012, a year in which many popular established acts released LP's that didn't sell- 'Pet Shop Boys', 'Alanis M.', 'Gargage', 'Kylie Minogue', 'JLo', 'Michael Jackson Bad 25', 'No Doubt' etc, etc. Madonna's needs to concentrate on blazing her own trail & creating more original songs with better lyrics for her next LP, & then promote it!! It's hard to know whether Madonna will have another worldwide smash album, the music industry is in bad shape & few established artists are having hit albums now, furthermore Madonna has already had great success in music for decades & perhaps she is content with her past glory.


Also make sure, I believe its the 3rd question which is a drop down, to pick Madonna "MDNA" for top 200 Album. When clicking on next to get to 2nd page, make sure to scroll to the top of the 2nd page to ensure you are voting for Madonna in all appropriate Categories. You can vote over and over again, no amount/time limit so keep voting for our Queen!!


@Michael. I don't think Rabbitbunny meant just "this year". Some of the songs on MDNA are about the years since her divorce and the pain she felt going through that and after. This year has been a good with the album and the tour although the promoting of the album is something less than to be desired. (My memeory fails me of the release time era of W.E.) Madonna is still Our Queen!!


@Rabbitbunny: you haven't answered the question. You posted "Considering the heartbreak Madonna has been through this year" - so, again, I politely ask: what heartbreak THIS YEAR?


re: Michael, her art has always had a lot of sadness and heartbreak! You need to hear her crying sad voice!


@Rabbitbunny: just what heartbreak has Madonna been through this year, then? Unless you know something that has not been reported in the press, I cannot think of any "heartbreak"!!! :-o


I agree MDNA was underrated. It was fabulous. From dance hits to ballads


I did, I did, and I didn't even see this entry first!


Considering the heartbreak Madonna has been through this year-MDNA IS SEVERELY UNDERRATED! It was a Madonna artwork that got swept under the rug-sorry, Alanis!-it grew on me with each listen! It's become clear that MDNA was a harrowing record-to make! With Divorce haunting the grooves, Madonna Cried on this record! The Tour was brilliant and cathartic-but the whole affair gets no love from the Establishment powers-that-be! No matter. MDNA WILL REMAIN AN OVERLOOKED GEM-if only more people would recognize its sad brilliance! Universal and Radio do not know what to do with Our Lady! Well I say screw them! Madonna is here to stay because she believes in her art! Don't Tell Her to Stop! Key Chapter-Falling Free-the saddest ballad Madonna has ever done! MADONNA FOREVER!


PLEASE make sure to chose Other and nominate Madonna for Best Music Video for 'Girl Gone Wild'!!

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