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Adam Lambert excited to sing Madonna track at VH1 DIVAS

VH1 Divas host Adam Lambert spilled some major beans in the office today when pumped for info about the event! Wearing remnants of a Movember ’stache and some serious wrist candy, Adam let slip that he was 'allegedly' chosen by Madonna‘s camp to cover one of her songs for the show. Yup, just like a prayer, Adam’s voice will be taking us there next Sunday.
The 'proud Madonna fan' stopped short of revealing which Madge hit he’ll perform, but Adam did give us the low-down on what tackling a track by that iconic diva means to him. Which Madonna song do you think he’ll glam rock the best? Tell us in the comments, and watch December 16 at 9PM ET/8C to see the performance along with the rest of Divas lineup.

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@Ro: the only cliche is you, stereotyping gay men.


Adam Lambert has unbelievable vocal range and he can put any singer to shame.If anybody can do justice to Madonna song,it's Adam.Guess I'm lucky that I'm fan of both of them and I'm thrilled that Adam is doing this.AND he's humble and hard working, very nice person, it seems.I just hope Madonna would see it.

What's that...over sing??!!Hahaha.Others sing what they can, Adam sings what he wants.And always LIVE, no need for an autotune.


Not too fond of Lambert. I just hope he doesn't crucify the song.

Nicky Prince of Pop

"I'm addicted" from "MDNA" with images of Madonna behind on the screens :)
that will be an amazing smart move
with mix songs of her "Give me all your luvin'" as Nicki & MIA sing in screens then "Superstar" to end with


Adam has an incredible power voice...he can sings anything! take over a madonna song would be so awesome!..any madonna's song with a killer chorus would be perfect for him..RESCUE ME, OPEN YOUR HEART..but again, it's Adam! he's full of surprises.


I hope he is not doing nothing rocking cause he will fuck up the song. But we will see.

paul harvey

Like a prayer is the most perfect song to over sing.


He'll probably be cliche and do Vogue. I can just see it now..a gay man's dream..performing Vogue!


Adam is amazing singer so he will do a great job of doing a M song!!


I hope he has to perform "Justify My Love", he won't be able to over sing that one! I imagine he will perform 'Express Yourself'.


whatever one he picks, we know he will OVER sing the hell out of it.

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