Madonna Bares It for Hurricane Sandy Relief
Madonna goes Gangnam Style with Psy


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That was a great speech what are we waiting for America! Respect keeps respect ! God Bless America ! God bless the queen and is only one MADONNA. Respect.


Her speeches are getting longer! Haha

I bet half the people in the audience were thinking 'yeah ... But in this 6 minutes you could've done Holiday and Don't Tell Me!' ;)


Very good speech!, i just think that there are a lot of political issues missing, one of them, USA is´nt 100% tolerant, the second point, latinamerica has always been the backyard of the United States, i hope she takes it in mind when she comes next weeks, it will be very dissapointing showing her a Tatoo with a superficial text on her back, in ten days she will get Mexico City, then Medellin, two left cities into right and conservatives countries which economies have decrease in the last decades and good ones to sell guns and make busisness for the USA, but i doubt it, she is an american and is blinded proud of it,


This is one of Madonna's better speeches, it is intelligent & raises a number of valid points about life! I just don't undertand why Madonna chose to artistically style a large portion of her MDNA concert with extreme violence, it is in stark contrast to the message of her speech that is about peace/ tolerance/ kindness?? I don't get all this evil dark to love light nonsense- Isn't Love Repaid By Love Alone? Anyway, great speech.

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