Madonna goes Gangnam Style with Psy
Madonna Raises $60,000 For Sandy Relief


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Madge looks like she needs a nap :(

Wrong, wrong, wrong!

Good God, M has sunk to an all-time low. Her vocals are appalling, the dancing is dodgy... this really is like watching with embarrassment your mother or an auntie getting carried away at a wedding. Truly tragic from such an Icon.


I love you M. But please, never again! If I have to hear one more thing about that song I'm gonna blow my head off! I hope this isn't the show they use for the dvd. I'm sorry, but NO! I'm sure he's a nice guy, but NO MORE!


I thought it was great's not like she does this in every show. She's in NYC, where she got her start, and she threw in a few extra minutes of fun.

The crowd seemed to eat it up and it was fun watching her and her crew dance 'Gangnam-Style.'


I think the idea is fun and brilliant, and very entertaining. It is just that Madonna seems so tired right now...

albert G

I luv it!


I think the crowd went absolutely wild at this interlude with two insane hits like these,fabulous!


AWFUL with a capital A!! ...big mistake Madonna :-(


I love the energy... but get dizzy watching


NO MADONNA NO! This mashup with Psy is just WRONG on so many levels! I know that 'Gangnam Style' is this years 'novelty song'- but I'm sorry the whole thing is just Tragic.


Amazing! I wish Give It To Me and Music can be part of the show! It will be great in the final segment before Celebration. Thanks for sharing!

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