Madonna Selling New York Pad
Madonna Enlists Fans For Film Project In Miami


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hate the perfume, hate the sleazy marketing of it, the perfume is based on her dead mother's yet she's selling it by dressing like a whore, and now this? I thought she was better than this, the image is completely wrong for the market it's meant to be aimed at really, it's no wonder Steps are outselling her in the fragrance charts . . .


I don't mind the photo so much even though it's been airbrushed to death. I just think it seems like its the wrong look or even era for her in this photo. Does this really represent Madonna today. Is this who she is? C'mon you are fab at 50 something. Embrace yourself Madonna. But not like this. Throug your music, your legacy your wisdom but not lost youth. She looks amaing stil. But when I look at this photo I feel like she's looking back, reliving her youth, not embracing herself today. NO FEAR , NO REGRETS. Remember your motto- your sentiments to your fans and the world and to yourself Madonna!


God in heaven, how airbrushed IS this?


ngl: it's not really M releasing a perfume: it's Coty. In reality, these 'stars' only "endorse" a fragrance. We know that M didn't actually spend years locked in a lab making said scent!

All the promo stuff for this would almost certainly have been shot at the same time as the first fragrance, given this one has come out so soon afterwards.


Madonna can find the time to release a second fragrance in a year, but doesn't have the time to release a 4th single from 'MDNA' & make a video. Based on what many Madonna fans have said, 'Love Spent' would have made a great 4th single & this should have been released either while she was touring the US, or now just in time for Christmas. 'American Life' LP may not have been well received but Madonna did TRY many different WAYS to Promote it over the year 2003+ - MDNA has suffered from minimal promotion, Madonna appears on 'Ellen' & she doesn't talk about the LP or sing any of its songs! A lot of people blame Guy Osery for poor management, but Madonna has been in the music business for 30 years & you would think that she would have a few ideas about how to promote an LP by now- I get the feeling that Madonna doesn't care at all about her MDNA LP! OK CD's don't make much money for a singer anymore, the big $ are derived from touring- but Madonna's already very wealthy & you would think that Madonna would care about the quality & promotion of her LP's because of 'artistic integrity'.


I think the point of the photo is to show that she's retained her allure and figure, two decades later. This is a noteworthy feat, not a creative well running dry.


It reminds me of the cover of the "Bad Girl" single.


This 'Latest Photographic Image' of Madonna for her new fragrance is virtually IDENTICAL to her 1992 iconic look/pose that was used to advertise her 'Sex' Book! Don't get me wrong, Madonna looks BEAUTIFUL but she is now doing something (again) that she used to pride herself of never doing- repeating herself. Clearly the creative well is now running dry!!

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